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Confirm Physical Health


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This summative assessment will enable your Assessor to make a judgement of competency based on the submission of your completed assignments against the requirements of this unit of competency.

Assessor Instructions

The Assessment Benchmark developed for each unit of competency is the evidence criteria used to judge the quality of performance (i.e. the assessment decision-making rules). Assessors must use these benchmarks to make a judgement on whether competency has been achieved and to determine if the participant has performed to the standard expected to meet the unit requirement and learning outcomes. Competency results for each unit are recorded in the Record of Assessment Form.

The term pathophysiology explains the processes and functioning within the body which result in the signs and symptoms of a disease/s. The ‘relationship’ between body systems is the contributing factor/s that work together in our bodies to try and maintain homeostasis. Explain the relationship between Mr Hardy’s respiratory rate and temperature.

Identify your scope of practice in this situation. List your role responsibility in comparison to a Registered Nurse (RN) role.

As an Enrolled Nurse, identify the reporting hierarchy that you would follow in order to ensure that this information is relayed appropriately.

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