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Confirm Physical Health


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This event requires you to analyse and reflect on your findings from your two (2) research questions required in Assessment Event One (1). Use Gibbs’ reflective cycle (Gibbs, G. (1988). Learning by doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods. Oxford: Further Education Unit, Oxford Brookes University). You will be provided with a resource which outlines this reflective practice model by your TAFE NSW Learning Facilitator.

·Critically analyse your findings for each of the research questions.

·Determine how robust your findings are.

·Discuss how you will use the research findings in your nursing practice. This discussion needs to include a reflection on how you will use the findings, any changes to your current practice you have identified  and what is required for you to implement the changes.

·Identify further research and  / or education required to be undertaken by you in the future.

·Decide how your findings could be used with your interdisciplinary connections.   

·Determine any potential and/ or actual challenges you foresee in your nursing practice.

·You need to demonstrate you can use in-text referencing using the Harvard system. A guide to referencing can be found in the North Coast TAFE Smart Study Guide.

·Your assessment should be in report format

·The report should contain a title page, contents page, an introduction, your analysis and reflections, a conclusion, appendices and a reference list using the Harvard system.

·Choose calibri bold font size 14 for title page and main headings, size 12  bold font for other headings and size 11 for other content.

·Include a footer with page numbers and your name email address on each page.

You are required to correctly reference sources of information, data and evidence. A guide to referencing can be found in the North Coast TAFE Smart Study Guide.

Was reasonable adjustment in place for this student?  

If Yes, explain the arrangements and the Disability Consultant involved.

Has this assessment event been successfully completed?

Is the student required to re-submit?  If Yes, explain arrangements.

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