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Community Health Assessment Interview Plan


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My chosen county is Fort Bend County in Texas.

I have attached previous CHA work.

In addition to the assessment data you have collected as a result of your CHA from your population-focused course, you will start work on gathering additional data through the development of in-depth key informant interviews. This week, you will develop your interview guides (Assignment #1).  Note that this week you are required to only submit the interview guides. You will not actually start conducting your two key informant interviews until Module 3.

  1. First, determine key informants within your community (Mayor, legislative, health department nurse leader/administrator, police chief/sheriff, school leader, free clinic organizer, etc.).  Make a list of actual names and positions.  Then schedule two to interview by phone, email, or Zoom.  These key informants must be different and more in-depth than the key informants you interviewed for your CHA in your Population-Focused Community Health course.
  2. Develop an interview guide for each of the two key informants.  
  3. By Sunday, you will submit the following:

1) A list of your two key informant interviews with position title, along with interview schedule, and

2) Interview guides/list of questions for each key informant (total of two interviews).  See assignment instructions in Module 2 Assignment #1 link below.

Mobilize and Assess aspects of the  MAP-IT framework:

  • Mobilize individuals and organizations that care about the health of your community into a coalition.
  • Identify the key informants/stakeholders/partners within community.  These are the community members and/or organizations who have a stake in creating a healthy community and who can contribute to the process.
  • Identify and describe the roles and responsibilities these key stakeholders/partners play within the community.  In what ways could they facilitate community health program planning?  For example, could they offer input through meetings, events, or advisory groups; assist in the development and presentation of education and training programs; lead fundraising and policy initiatives; provide technical assistance in planning or evaluation, etc.?
  • Assess the areas of greatest need in your community, and the strengths and resources that you can tap into to address those areas. 
  • State the important facts/assessment data you have discovered on the community.
    • How does the physical environment affect the health of your community (for example, water and air quality, availability of safe walking paths or sidewalks, housing standards)?
    • How does access to health services affect the health of your community?
    • How do biology and genetics affect the health of your community?
    • How does the social environment affect the health of your community (for example: income level, education level, unemployment, language)?
    • How does individual behavior affect the health of your community?
    • What do community members and key stakeholders see as the most important issues?
    • Assess both needs and assets (resources) in your community (This will help you get a sense of what you can do, versus what you would like to do).
    • What resources are available? What resources are needed?Consider feasibility, effectiveness, and measurability as you determine community priorities.

Assignment #1 Key Informant Interview Guide Development


Develop key informant interview plans for leader/member of community being assessed in order to assist with the development of your population-based health program plan.  Key informant interviews are qualitative, in-depth interviews of people selected for their first-hand knowledge about a topic of interest. Remember, this assignment is just to develop the interview plans, you are not conducting the actual interviews yet.

Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will plan two separate interviews for the two key informants you plan to interview within the community you are assessing. This assignment will allow for faculty feedback prior to conducting the actual interviews. The interviews will build on the CHA information you already have on your community from your Population-Focused Community Health course.  However, these key informants must be different from the people you interviewed previously for your CHA and they must be more in-depth.

Step 1. 

  • Select two key informants to interview within the community you are assessing.
  • Students will select key informants who have specialized knowledge and unique perspectives on a topic (mayor, legislative affiliation, health department nurse leader/administrator, police chief/sheriff, school leader, free clinic organizer, members of a community group, etc.). 
  • Take care to select two key informants with varying points of view. 
  • Identify the groups or organizations from which key informants should be drawn (stakeholders). 
  • You can also ask members of the community or other key informant to suggest people who may be interviewed as key informants.

Step 2. 

Consider and include the following:

1.  Students will submit one paper that includes both interview plans. The entire paper should be no more than 7 pages total, not including the title page. This is not an APA paper and no references are required. Include the standard title page for your written assignments.  Do include a header with title in the top left corner and page number in the top right corner.

2.  Briefly describe the community on which you are focusing (First 1-2 pages of paper):

  • Provide your community’s geographic location to include city, state, and census tract (same information as on your CHA you previously completed).
  • Discuss any assessment data and information you currently have on your community, ensuring you address all six categories of the determinants of health for the community to include biological, psychological, environmental, sociological, behavioral, and health system. 

3.  Next, describe the key informant for each interview you are conducting (2 interviews).  If you are interviewing an individual, provide the key informant’s title, position, and location as well as their affiliation/connection with the community.  If you are interviewing a focus group, describe the members of the focus group and how they are attached to/involved with the community.

4.  Last, formulate and list interview questions you will be asking each key informant and/or focus group (no more than 2 pages per interview).  Each interview will have a different set of questions.

The purpose is to explore a few issues in depth, so limit the number of questions to 10 or less for each interview. 

  • Start with factual questions.  Questions requiring opinions and judgments should follow.   
  • The interview questions should be open-ended allowing for more in-depth discussion.  It should allow the free-flow of ideas and information. 
  • You want to understand motivation, behavior, and perspectives from members of the community you are assessing.  Take care to select two key informants with different points of view.
  • Examples of questions for key informant at a free clinic, focusing on women’s health care: 
  • Question 1:  Please tell me about the women’s health care you offer at the free clinic. (Very General)
  • Question 2:  What type of services do the majority of women seek care for at your clinic? (Getting more specific)

Note:  You will find that when you conduct your actual interview, your questions will lead to additional information and might lead you to ask different questions than you had planned.  That is okay.  This assignment is just a guide to assist you with the interview process.  When you conduct the actual interview, it should be free-flowing and open to new information and ideas.

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