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Community Collaboration Plan


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Community Collaboration Plan

The student assignment plan focuses on the requirements set by public schools when deciding where to place or transfer a child.  In this case, the Seattle School District maintains that a parent should state the race of his/her child. Similarly, Jefferson County district has its demands concerning race.  First, Seattle permits students to choose a high school, however, if there are too many children, they are chosen based on race. It is the same case with Jefferson County as it tries to balance the number of students based on race. Community collaboration allows the people to engage in discussing important issues concerning the district. It helps districts to consult the community on what they should explore or prioritize especially concerning public education (Community collaboration for school innovation toolkit, n.d.). When the community is involved in the decision making, districts become flexible, and they can explore innovative processes so as to enhance the students’ performance. In this case, people will be involved in making the decision on whether a public school can classify students based on race when making school assignments taking into consideration that it had not operated a legally segregated school.

Creating A Forum for Community Collaboration

The first step is to offer the community a forum where the members can have enough time and opportunity to engage with each other (Community collaboration for school innovation toolkit, n.d.). The platform will offer them a chance to exchange ideas concerning the classification of students based on race during the process of making school assignments. Discussing among one another will help the district to set their goals and plan based on what the community thinks is important.


In turn, the second step in the community collaboration plan is defining the vision. In this case, it is important for the team to understand what it aims to achieve (Community collaboration for school innovation toolkit, n.d.). Therefore, the vision is to eliminate discrimination within the school environment and ensure that all students get equal opportunities during the school assignment process.

Recruit and Train Facilitators

After defining the vision, it is important to have good facilitators who will stimulate the interaction and conversation (Pavlish & Pharris, 2012). He or she is tasked with intervening so as to spark interaction and ensure that the conversation is moving. Also, he/she will listen to different opinions presented by the community members. The facilitator should be flexible and should not lean on one side.

Bring additional people to the table so as to engage the community

Besides, it is important to identify the relevant sectors to be involved in the discussion (Grant & Ray, 2012). They will address the facts of the stated question and offer a professional view.

Assessment and Discussion of The Data Around the Problem

Next, it is important to use data that concerns the issue so as to bring the members to a common understanding and vision (Pavlish & Pharris, 2012). Hence, for the particular case, the community will use previous cases and facts offered during the hearing. This will help by giving them an overview of the case. The community will understand it and different opinions presented by the professionals.

Finalizing Collaborative Goals

In addition, the members will be asked various questions concerning their goals (Community collaboration for school innovation toolkit, n.d.). They should present their ideas regarding the classification of students based on race. Next, they should assess the data to comprehend the given goals and develop a plan for data gathering and assessment.

Creating a Roadmap and Getting Commitment

The last step is developing a roadmap for what it will take to achieve the vision (Community collaboration for school innovation toolkit, n.d.). The community members should come to an agreement that will benefit everyone.


Top of Form

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responsive family engagement. SAGE Publications.

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nursing approach. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Paper details: Compile the community collaboration plan for submission as your final project.

Facts. The Seattle School district and Jefferson County district have applications that require a parent to state what the race of his or her child is. When determining where to place a child or where to transfer a child both school districts use race as the qualifying factor on where to send the child. Seattle allows students to choose a high school but when too many students choose a school they decide based on siblings in schools and the race of the child. Jefferson was originally ordered to desegregate its schools. In attempts to correct the problem Jefferson has a ratio that there should not be more than 50% black students at a particular school. A parent with a child from each district that was denied a transfer to another school based on the race of their child brought suit.

whether a public school that had not operated a legally segregated school or has been found to be unitary may choose to classify students by race and rely upon that classification in making school assignments.

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