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Paper details:Read the summary of "How To Win Friends and Influence People." Question 1. (20 Points) You are a newly appointed manager and you arrive to your first day at the office or store. After a few weeks at your new job, you have many great ideas that you would like to institute, but it is clear that your subordinates are not interested in changing anything. Using concepts from the book how might you convince your team to make the changes without resorting to direct orders? (No more than three paragraphs). Question 2. (10 Points) What is the most useful concept you learned from the summary of How To Win Friends and Influence People? Why? (No more than one paragraph). Question 3. (10 Points) What concept do you disagree with from this book summary? Why? (No more than one paragraph).


Individuals in business seek to persuade others regularly. Persuasion is a person’s ability to influence other to accept one’s point of view. One thing that a person should learn is that it is not an attempt to trap others into taking action that favors the communicator rather both the involved parties should benefit from the process (Lehman and DuFrene 129). Professionals from all fields profit from communications that are prepared well. In the particular case, the subordinates are not interested in changing anything; hence, it is significant for the manager to persuade them without favoring their ideas (Carnegie 46). First, as a manager, one should view the concept from the workers’ point of view. The approach will motivate them to accept the idea presented to them.

Additionally, the leader should be a good listener and motivate the subordinates to talk about themselves (Carnegie 88). Listening to the employees will help in understanding what is making them disagree with the opinions. Also, he/she will know ways that workers can be motivated.  Moreover, the manager ought to make the subordinates feel important (Carnegie 99). In this case, a person can make sure that the team is involved in the decision-making process. One should give them a chance to present their thoughts concerning the changes and what they do not support. The concepts will be useful in convincing the team to make changes without using direct orders. 

In turn, it is important to show respect for the other people’s opinions (Carnegie 189). When the employees give their ideas, the manager should avoid telling them that they are plain wrong. Instead, they need to take the time to comprehend why the individual made the particular decision. The concept will inspire the colleagues to be just and open-minded. Next, the manager should let the team feel that the ideas are theirs (Carnegie 157). The workers do not need to feel like they are being told what to do. Instead, they prefer to think independently, have freedom and act on their ideas. The manager can consult them on what they think and what they want. Finally, one should ask questions rather than give direct orders. Most of the people do not like taking orders; hence, it is important to offer them an opportunity to do things themselves. The principles will help in persuading the employees to accept the changes.

Although most of the concepts given are useful, the most efficient one is showing respect for other individual’s opinions (Carnegie 118). Recognizing the views and ideas of other people is an important life skill, it indicates that a person is of good character. It is important to note that people come from diverse backgrounds and are raised to believe in different viewpoints. Therefore, good leaders should put themselves in other people’s shoes and ask if they can believe in the same things if given a chance. Additionally, we are living in a free society; therefore, people should be allowed to give their opinions.  

Nevertheless, there are some ideas that I disagree with from the summary. For instance, getting the other person to say yes immediately, will require one to be a pleaser (Carnegie 189). It will not give individuals a chance to give opinions and make corrections where necessary. One thing that a leader should understand is that we are not always right; therefore, it is vital to give other people a chance to give an honest view. If one does this, they would not only benefit the other person, but they will also have an opportunity to learn from the process.

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