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Common Writing Assignment Essay


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Common Writing Assignment

2020 is the year that a huge political difference is expected in Texas, US. The State will take part in United States of America presidential elections scheduled in November, 2020 alongside the District of Columbia and 49 other States (Barragan). The primary elections for Republicans and Democratic were held on 3rd March 2020 in Texas. This year, the presidential race is competitive following the current president Donald Trump win in the primary elections as the candidate for the Republicans while Joe Biden the vice president won as the representative for the democratic on March 3, 2020 (Barragan). In addition, competition for presidential position is attributed to by the huge voter turn out that is expected this year. There is excitement and uncertainty for the elections especially in Texas District. Voter turnout mainly increases during election year, and Texas is no different, this is the time when voters recognise the person they would like to represent them. Worse is, while, the current commander chief is loved and adored republicans who are his supporters, his opponents the democrats loathe him and would love to vote him out through the ballot box. Moreover, the president has been up for impeachment since he started his therefore the democrats are motivated to show up on the final election day.

Judging from the current turn of events, there is increased tension on the republican’s side. For instance, while the voter base for democrats is seemingly increasing since the years 2000 elections, that of republican’s has remained stable (Barragan). A major determinant on whether the democrats will win the general elections will determined on whether they will all show up for the ballot and whether they will be united in voting for one candidate. For instance, if they find their candidate appealing and dynamic like in 2008 when they voted for Barrack Obama, then there will be a huge voter turnout. However, if most of them view their candidate as less charismatic like the 2004, candidate John Kerry, then there will be less enthusiasm (Barragan). On a closer look, Trump’s impeachment will motivate the republicans since they have always been saying that they got their guy.

As fate seemed to take a toll on the republicans, a document that containing their 2020 elections strategy in Texas fell in the hands of the democrats. The document revealed a strategy for attacking the democrats through their website and their plan for polarizing President Trump’s nature. Titled as “Primary/General Elections 2020 Draft” the document landed on email addresses belonging to the democrats (Barragan). The document targeted 12 statehouse districts with six in North Texas, which the republicans were planning to reclaim after the elections. Judging from the document, the republicans party leaders were aware of the impact of Trumps nature and were in fear that their members may fail to show up during the general elections. Consequently, not voting for him. The party was therefore desperate for votes. With Texas being one of the biggest battle grounds for US elections, the democrats are hopeful of a possible win in November, 2020 general elections (Barragan). Major parties have different strategies including negative attacks on competitor websites, however, unwanted public disclosure like what happened to republicans is quite embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Texas Democratic party is planning to launch the largest voter registration drive by building organizers teams whose aim is winning the party millions of voters ahead of the upcoming general elections which will be held in November (Egan). The party had earlier identified that 2.6 million will vote if they are registered. The party committee reported that it will use monetary resources for reaching out to people in the suburban and rural areas. Olivia Stitilis the recently hired as the party’s organizing director was keen to note that voters in different parts the District have diverse needs claiming that she would use different strategies to reach out to potential voters. The director plans to build a good relationship with community gatekeepers in areas hosting Asians and Latinos since they would help in driving registrations and boosting voter turnout (Egan). Basically, the campaign is programmed to the possible 270 voters that the party requires to in presidential polls (Egan). However, despite the democrats aim for spending millions of dollars in the operation, the republican party is on the other hand committed to spend close to half a billion in countering any efforts for their competitors to win voters.

In conclusion, the 2020 presidential elections in the US is scheduled to take place in Texas on 3rd November, 2020. All the 50 States including the District of Columbia will participate in the elections where the voters will vote for electors to represent them in the Electoral college. In Texas, the primary presidential elections occurred in March 3rd 2020 where republicans chose President Donald Trump as their presidential candidate for the general elections while the democrats elected vice president Joe Biden as their representative. The race to state house is still on with both parties anticipating for a possible win.

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