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Committee investigation by Congress into the threat posed by the PRC.


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People’s Republic of China (PRC) Threat Analysis

The final research essay will be the results of a Congressional report on the People’s Republic of China and assess the CI analysis used in the report to develop the report’s conclusions.

This assignment consists of a research analysis paper 7-10 pages in length, double-spaced, APA Format.  The page count does not include a title page or bibliography page. The source material should result primarily from self-led external research of scholarly articles. In addition, the course required reading materials may be used.


The final research essay for this course is to review the results of the Cox Committee investigation by Congress into the threat posed by the PRC. This report was prepared by the House of Representatives with input from the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Congressional Research Service (CRS). It represents an outstanding counterintelligence analysis product.

The complete report, “Cox Report – US Natl Scty and Mil-Commercial Concerns with PRC – 1999” is provided in the link here by the Govt Printing Office:

This assignment starts with a review of the Cox Report (start early — it is long) to determine the descriptive, explanatory, and predictive analytical methods used by Cox Committee, Intelligence Community, and Congressional Research Service to develop the report’s conclusions on the PRC’s intelligence threat.  Your assignment is to describe the various analytical methods used.  Your description of the methods used should be supported by examples from the Cox Report. 

Finally, your assignment must include a discussion of the policy and operational decisions made as a result of this counterintelligence analysis of the PRC’s threat.Attachments: