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College Basketball study


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Paper Instructions

I’ve already have chosen the article that pertains to this qualitative method (attached), and in the subject of Higher Education. .Your focus should be on the research methodology, as opposed to the research findings.

Write the overview and critique . The overview will briefly describe the topic, background, purpose, research question(s), and population. Also, be sure to identify the research genre (e.g., narrative research, action research), and explains the benefits and limitations of this genre as utilized in this particular study. The bulk of your commentary will critique researcher’s methodological choices in these areas:

•    Problem / research question / hypotheses

•    Sampling methods

•    Data collection / instruments

•    Data analysis

•    Limitations/ ethical considerations

•    Conclusions/ results

Keep in mind that critique does not necessarily mean finding faults. A critique might very well identify strengths as well as weaknesses or limitations. As we progress through the quarter, we will discuss what to look for in each of these areas

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