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Cloud Computing Basics Essay


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Cloud Computing Basics

This is a model which enables for an expedient and on demand capabilities for network access so as to be able to share a broad array of configurable computing resources. Users of cloud computing are able to benefit from this service which has proven to be a very cost effective way to have robust IT resources. It is therefore very important that business owners understand the basic of cloud computing as it is a resource which can completely transform the way with which operations are managed.

There are many cloud computing services and as such, it is important to have a good standpoint on your organization’s IT requirements. Employing cloud computing allows your business to side step the need to invest in IT infrastructure. These two offer the Infrastructure-as-a-Service and the Software-as-a-Service applications which your organization can hire for a stipulated time length.

It is important that you understand that cloud computing is not as complex as it sounds. As a matter of fact it is simply a technology which has been in existence for about half a century. It is something that you may even be using right now. Basically, cloud computing involves running your computer and related network infrastructure applications using resources that are available and accessible on servers owned by a different entity. This is enabled by a surprisingly simple and straightforward application or interface format.

To better relate to the basics of cloud computing, it is necessary to look into how cloud computing evolved to what it is today. There were times when networking was a revolutionary breakthrough such that businesses were able to enjoy such services as email via a computing application where data was kept in in-house servers. This was prior to Yahoo and Google. The birth of such companies as Google led to a new revolution in the manner emails were treated and used. As such, these companies served to offer you and your business access, store and retrieve at will information without the need for subscriptions. This implies that cloud computing in essence enables your organization to have numerous IT resources while using applications offered by owners of servers which allow for the existence of cloud computing services.

There are many benefits associated with cloud computing one of which it is an easily accessible and inexpensive tool which can promote greater business development. It allows you to run all computer programs as well as network without purchasing additional computer resources. Another benefit is that in case the servers in your business suffer mishaps, you tend to lose business due to the servers protocols that have to be implemented. As such, you are able to have your data stored and computer system operated in an evidently saved computing service. This makes it quite cost effective as in instances you have to purchase an application or program license; you can simply use the licensed application available on cloud.

Another great benefit which accrues to organization and businesses which have embraced cloud computing is the ability to free up you task for other organizations roles and duties. For instance, if your organization has IT staff, the need for management of such a system is sidestepped enabling these staff to innovatively work in other organizational functions. More so, this service can allow your staff to work remotely. It is therefore clearly evident that business owners need to embrace cloud computing towards greater business growth. Understanding the basics of cloud computing is thus critical to your organization’s market responsiveness while keeping IT costs at a minimum.

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