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Clinical Integration:Towards Professional Practice


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1. What does tribalism refer to?

2. How do tribalism and power inequities impact on information sharing?

3. What are the five key dimensions for a well-functioning health care team?

5. What benefits does the author suggest are there to conflict within groups?

6. Identify factors that determine which healthcare professionals are required to be involved in a health care team?

7. Who should lead the health care team?

8. Who is the most important member of the health care team?

9.What are the key issues in this dilemma?

10. What outcomes would be best for Grant and his family?

11. How would you guide the group in achieving this best outcome?

12. What are the key issues in this dilemma?

13. How would you deal with Norma’s son? Are his objections warranted?

14. What are the key issues in this situation?

15. Who would be included in the health care team and what role would they play?

16. What are the key issues in this situation?

17. What strategies would you employ to address this situation?

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