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Clinical Integration


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Marketing Criteria

1. Please refer to the marking criteria

Here are some of the points in conjunction with the marking criteria which you should consider when applying the marking criteria to your case study essay:

• Refer to the stages of the clinical reasoning cycle

• Clearly identifies and prioritises 3 relevant nursing issues/ problem NRSG370 Semester 2, 2019. North Sydney. DR Christine Chisengantambu-Winters

• the case study essay focus has been addressed and discussed as per clinical reasoning cycle

• the case study essay content has clear links to contemporary nursing practice of the clinical elective area and discusses the provision of ethical, legal, evidence-based, holistic person-centred care, including the establishment of realistic and relevant goals

• the case study paper demonstrates a depth of understanding of the topic and significant issues as per scenario and clinical elective area.

2. Critical thinking, reasoning and evaluation of evidence:

o the essay demonstrates a high degree of critical thought and insight by:

o providing a justification/rationale for the argument/discussion

o demonstrating you have reflected on the complex issues surrounding the three problems identified

o discussing the topic from differing perspectives, ethical, legal, evidence-based, holistic person-centred care thereby providing a balanced discussion of the problems.

o analysis is related to nursing care and issues/problems, and is presented and supported by adequate and appropriate evidence.

3.  Paragraph, structure/intelligibility:

• Organisation and presentation of content

• There are clear linking sentences that link each paragraph to the next area consistently

• introduces/outlines/situates the topic of the essay

• clearly describes the way in which the essay will proceed

• the essay is structured in a logical sequence so that the content flows (headings may be used to develop the structure of the paper)

• credible and relevant references are used. A broad range of in-text citations has been used

• accurate use of APA referencing style in all instances. the referencing style used throughout the paper is congruent with the APA style

• the reference list is accurate (i.e. no missing page numbers, volumes, correct title etc), complete (i.e. no references in the body of the paper are missing from the reference list) and consistent with the APA referencing style.

• the references cited are contemporary

• there is evidence in the paper that the student has searched widely for information related to the topic/issue

• the student has acknowledged all sources of information used Please refer to the unit outline, case study scenario on LEO and marking guide for information about assessment

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