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Climate Change Global Warming Essay


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Climate Change Global Warming

            Prior to watching the video, I believed that climate change/global warming will result in a variety of negative impacts for the world’s ecosystems. Climate change has impacted plant life and animal habitats because the effects of global warming have led to increased storms that have damaged shorelines and occurrence of frequent droughts (Korsnack 340). I believe that human activity has led to climate change. Personally, I have been making changes in how I conduct my daily activities so that I can contribute towards aiding in reducing climate change and I am optimistic that the rising technological solutions can help solve most issues associated with climate change. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is now in even higher percentages compared to the last 20 million years and I think more needs to be done to address this issue effectively.

            After watching the video I understood that climate change is the biggest challenge that has ever had to be faced by human social, economic, and political systems. The consequences are massive and the uncertainties and risks are severe, the science is besieged, the economics are controversial and the non-environmental and environmental issues are diverse. The video reveals the science which first pinpointed climate change as an issue that needed to be addressed and I understood how this was received by the government and society in general. Due to the fact that the video presented a broader spectrum with regards to climate change, it change my beliefs on how humans play a role in contributing towards this issue. I support the ideas presented in the video because they show the challenges as to how humans understand the issue and their responses to it. The intersection between human society and climate change are complex and helps think about the difficult issues we face as we live on the planet.

            The source of the polarized viewpoints about climate change are attributed by its resolutions and causes and the scientific research surrounding the process (Humby 338). For example, the political fissures with regards to climate change in the U.S. extend beyond beliefs on the issue and to the basic trust of people on the motivations which prompt climate scientists to continue with their research. The political divides are with regards to the possibility of devastation to the ecosystems of the Earth and actions that can be taken to address arising climate impacts. The interpretation of scientific research also contributes to the partisan views over climate. For example, the democrats and republicans have different views on the way climate change is caused and how levels of CO2 are higher now than in the past. However, once such a global issue is politicized it becomes easier to deal with because the bodies that are tasked with dealing with such issues are mobilized to work harder to ensure that the issue is sufficiently addressed.

            The public can assess how their everyday actions contribute towards climate change and seek ways to limit potentially risky actions that will reduce the occurrence of climate change. An individual can start to make a change by reusing, recycling and utilizing compost to avoid issues like burning of plastics and other dangerous material that releases more carbon dioxide to the environment. In addition, one can decide to stop using a car to commute and instead ride a bicycle or walk to reduce chances or releasing toxic gases to the atmosphere.

Response to Melyse

I disagree with Melyse on the fact that climate change is not being considered seriously because states all over the world are making considerable changes to minimize this occurrence and are even developing technological solutions that can minimize its occurrence. The government does support human activities but it has measures in place to ensure that effects on the climate are considered, hence, it is not entirely true to state that the government supports such activities without considering their role in preventing the same.

Response to Ana

On the other hand, Ana Bravo indicates that she remains neutral on the subject of climate change is still not viable because one has to take a stand in order to take action or make individual choices as to how to deal with the issue. Democrats are taking steps to deal with issues of climate change unlike what is stated by Ana especially because they support all climate change initiatives.

Works Cited

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