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City budget document.


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Figure 5.4 (attached) contains several pages from the City budget document. Analyze these budget pages from the perspective of (1) a city council member who will have to make decisions about which city services to fund; (2) the public works department director, who wants to improve services to the community; and (3) an average citizen interested in seeing whether the city’s tax dollars are being put to good use. For the purposes of each viewpoint, how complete and clear is the information? Does the budget tell you what you want to know in order to act? How might the budget presentation be improved? To what extent is any local govern ment’s budget a reflection ofthe particular locality?

Does the budget tell you what you need to know in order to act from the viewpoint of the city council member, the public works department, and the average citizen? 

Explain your answer using the strengths and weaknesses of the various budgeting techniques outlined.