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Cisco Marketing Strategy


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Cisco Marketing Strategy

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Cisco Marketing Strategy

It can be said that American technology development companies are always appreciated and leading the market by their great achievements. Cisco is such a big name when it is a big guy in the field of technology development in Internet equipment and network management. Cisco’s marketing strategy has been very successful and the company has focused on the product very seriously, let’s take a look at what the “giant” strategy from the United States.

Cisco – The leading company in American Internet technology

Cisco Systems Corporation was founded in 1984 by two computer scientists and began to become famous in 1990. The company’s first product was “Router”, connected to software and hardware. acts as a transport system on the TCP / IP1 network combination to create the Internet (same as enterprises called Intranets).

With the development of Internet technology, the demand for Cisco products exploded and quickly the company became dominant Internet market. In 1997, this was the first year the company was listed in the list of 500 largest companies in the United States by total income. Accordingly, Cisco was voted in the top 5 largest companies in terms of profitability on total assets and profit on revenue. Only two other companies, Intel and Microsoft, have achieved that feat before.

Cisco is a pioneer in the field of network equipment and network management in the US and around the world. Over the years, Cisco has had a series of acquisitions, which have helped them gain the expertise and strategic advantage over competitors in the same field of technology and networking equipment. The latest in the list is AppDOUNDics for

$ 3.7 billion, which will help them enhance their grasp on the cloud (Cloud) platform. Cisco is moving to software-focused solutions for their consumers. Cisco has more than 10,000 patents in the field of Technology, making it one of the highest patent holders. Led by Chuck Robbins and with an annual turnover of $ 49.2 billion, Cisco is a giant in the networking equipment industry. So let’s see what Cisco’s marketing strategy is, making it the place it is today.

Cisco Marketing Strategy Product led by high technology

Cisco offers a wide range of products and services for enterprise, small business, and family solutions. Cisco is a company that focuses primarily on products, integrating

services through its products. Cisco products include: routers, wireless controllers, LAN controllers, security gateways, network switches, network modulators, Data Services, Cisco IOS, security modules , WebEX, Cloud infrastructure … Its products are classified as high-tech because of the benefits it offers, and Cisco’s marketing strategy firm also focuses on its technologies provided. to market.

Product strategy divided into two segments is for businesses, business solutions and families. For home users, Cisco provides cable modems, mainly in the Broadband segment. Cisco’s network operating system, provides a small set of network services integrated into the operating system. Cisco VoIP services are integrated with VoIP phones as one of the best selling products, which are mainly used in offices for communications. It can be seen that Cisco products hit a lot on quality factors, with the ecosystem providing enough from business to individual users. In the US Cisco is considered a large technology company, the world is also rated as a big name in the field of providing Internet solutions.

Cisco is easy to buy with a strong distribution channel

Cisco has a global presence, showing its strong position and distribution strategy in its marketing strategy. The selling process varies among segments for Cisco because each segment has different buying options and requirements. Cisco sales teams are always looking for large businesses looking for network solutions, so such organizations will easily implement Business with Business agreements and also help Cisco bring their products to any potential customer.

For small business network solutions, the Cisco website provides a comprehensive approach for buyers looking for solutions and also provides a detailed process for buyers to contact Cisco representatives. For home solutions, which require only a few small products, Cisco already has local retailers and agents who help customers make purchases and get the best deals. Cisco also stores their products in e-commerce and online platforms for sale. It is the provision of large distribution channels that makes Cisco’s Marketing strategy to distribute sales locations easy for buyers to help customers easily access their products.

Communication towards technology channels

The company itself is a technology company and provides Internet solutions, so its market approach is also narrow and prioritizes technology-related organizations and channels. Cisco advertising activities include advertising on news sites, business websites and technology websites, so they can attract the attention of businesses looking for solutions and people who understand technology.

Cisco advertising activities are done through their website, where they store video tutorials by technology experts. “Cisco Networking Academy” publishes books related to current IT technology challenges and solutions. Cisco cooperates with many reputable technical colleges around the world to exploit high-end talent, thereby helping them promote themselves and gain ambition to increase business coverage with potential customers. Cisco’s Marketing Strategy has succeeded in gaining a certain foothold in the hearts of its customers who want network products and solutions.


It can be said that in the technology market, companies from the US are always ahead of the market and have very smart solution strategies. Cisco’s Marketing Strategy is one of the examples because it has been very successful in each product quality to reach a simple but very effective customer approach. So despite high competition, Cisco has always been mentioned as a big technology name from the United States.

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