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Chimerical Engineering Essay


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Chimerical Engineering

An article published in the Just English Magazine provides that the Oregon Health and Science University embryologists had made a significant genetic engineering breakthrough (Morton). These scientists had successfully reproduced three baby primates created from the genetic material sourced from 6 unlike adult gene pools. Living specimens resulting from such genetic engineering endeavors are referred to as chimeras. Chimera is an ancient Greek term describing mythical fire-breathing creatures whose physical manifestations include horrendous parts from different horrendous creatures (Morton).

Chimeric or Chimerical engineering is one of the most recent frontiers in the field of genetic engineering. As much as the chimeras in ancient mythology were evil and horrendous beings, in modern science chimeras with regard to chimerical engineering simply refers to life forms bearing the genetic make up from different foreign species (Boggs). Chimerical engineering considers the process of reproducing chimerical organisms as a natural process.

There are numerous different forms of chimerical beings. For instance tetragametic chimerism is known to occur in cases where two ova tend to become fertilized by two different sperm cells (Boggs). As the two fertilized eggs develop, they may merge and as such result in the creation of a single organism. As a result, the reproduced being tends to have two varying chromosome sets. Physical manifestation of Chimeric traits include an animal with different eye colors, both male and female reproductive organs, or even organs made of different genetic compositions.

Kammermeyer (241) provided a very good example in an effort to describe the properties of chimerically engineered organisms.  Pair of claves reproduced through chimerical interventions present unique genetic results. That is, the two calves cannot be referred to as crossbreeds. The genetic combination of the calves is such that each cell is either a pure Hereford cell or alternatively a pure Frisian gene code.

It is therefore a natural phenomenon for organisms to have the genetic composition of different organisms and as such exhibit good overall health. Chimerical engineering presupposes that the use of chimeric organisms in experiments can prove beneficial in many ways. For instance, the Duke University in the US is currently conducting laboratory experiments in an effort to use chimeric organisms to help find a cure for cancer (Boggs).

Genetic engineers at the Duke University have infused chimerical engineering techniques to merge the common clod virus with the polio virus (Boggs). This has been done in an attempt to find a cure for brain cancer. By eliminating the polio virus capability to cause polio by conjoining genetic information from the common cold virus into the polio virus’ genome, the scientists have reproduced the PVS-RIPO, which is in essence an artificially altered polio virus. The PVS-RIPO virus has the specific capability to only target and destroy cancer cells and bypassing normal cells.

The PVS-RIPO has to be directly infused into a brain tumor for maximum delivery. The altered poliovirus then locates, infects and destroys the brain cancer tumor cells wile ignoring healthy brain cells (Boggs). Chemical engineers provide that the process of scientifically producing chimerical organisms could present the medical profession with numerous medical benefits.  This is considered as to present great optimism with regard to organ transplants.

In conclusion, the prospects of chimerical engineering towards improving the quality of life among human beings are quite favorable. However, there have been questions as to the ethical issues that may result from the process. Further experiments and research studies need to be carried out before ethical standards with regard to chimerical engineering can be established. The fact that it may provide cure for such diseases as cancer is a welcome proposition.

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