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Child Youth And Family Health Care


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You are a RN working in the Emergency Department at the Launceston General Hospital and caring for Lee a 4-year-old boy brought into the hospital by his mother. His mother is concerned because Lee is having difficulty breathing and this has worsened significantly in the last few hours — he is now breathing very quickly and working hard.

Lee has a four-day history of rhinorrhoea, cough and low-grade fever. He has been off his food, but is drinking well. Lee is otherwise well and is up to date with his immunisations.

Vital signs: Temperature (axillary) 39,1 degrees C; heart rate 156 beats per minute; blood pressure: 95/60 mmHg; respiratory rate 48 breaths per minute; Sp02 90% on room air.

Current condition: 4 year old in moderate respiratory distress caused by bacterial pneumonia

Assessment Criteria

  1. Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of how to undertake an accurate assessment of an infant or child presenting with a respiratory or gastrointestinal condition
  2. Demonstrates effective communication skills
  3. Demonstrates detailed understanding of the underlying pathophysiology associated with a common paediatric respiratory or gastrointestinal condition

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