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Chicago Police Department Citizen Law Enforcement


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Click here for the Chicago Police Department Citizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting Web site. You will select 1 of 3 predetermined beats for a 2-week time period. Using variables such as mode, median, and mean on the available data to determine the most pressing issues, create a memo for the Mayor of Chicago covering the following topics:

  • Administrative Analysis:Compare the data, and include demographic data, especially socioeconomic data and the impact on criminal activity. (Week 2)
  • Tactical Analysis:Explain how tactical analysis can prevent and deter crime. Explain the differences of patterns, series, and trends, and discuss modus operandi.(Week 3)
  • Strategic Analysis:Discuss possible causes for the criminal incidents, and examine possible policing strategies to reduce the criminal activity. (Week 4)
  • Also, focus on a specific issue, and discuss what budgetary and personnel allocations need to be addressed to resolve this issue.


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