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CDFM 102, Facility Management Fundamentals


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Group Presentation and Report Assignment

CDFM 102, Facility Management Fundamentals

1.0  Purpose of Assignment:

Feasibility study and report for senior management. Ryecon, a sizeable management consulting and accounting firm, presently located in Toronto, is considering a possible relocation and consolidation of its head office space. You are the Facility Management Department of Ryecon and your department has been asked to prepare a feasibility study, work plan and cost estimate for the project. You will organize the information and make a presentation to senior management. At this time, you will present your project plan and ask for specific approvals so that the project can proceed.

2.0 Preamble:

Ryecon’s board of directors decided at a recent meeting to consolidate its Headquarters and perhaps relocate to a new location in the GTA. Two options are being considered:

Option 1 – Consolidate at Scotia Plaza.

Option 2 – Relocate to one of the following locations:

·         Airport

  • Mississauga
  • Richmond Hill
  • Markham
  • North York (York Mills to Finch)
  • Midtown (St Clair to Eglinton)
  • Downtown-between University, Yonge, Queen and Queen’s Quay

Currently the headquarters functions out of rented space in two locations:

Location 1 – Scotia Plaza                              Location 2 – Madison Centre (Yonge and


45,566 RSF                                                     12,900 RSF

(+ 4,920 sq. ft. subleased to June 30, 2022)  

144 or 76% of staff count                               40 or 24% of staff count

Staff count is stable at 184; split as follows between the four major divisions:

  1. Executive Branch                24
  2. Investments and Finance    30
  3. International                      40 (Located at Madison Centre)
  4. North American                  90


The company is profitable but is looking to trim operating costs by consolidating space in one location. Staff reductions are not being considered. Net effective rent is quite high as the company occupies prestige space at $35/ Sq. Ft. in Scotia Plaza and $19 in the Madison Centre.

The following operating expenses and taxes are additional to the net effective rent to determine the net rent: $25.80/ sq.ft. At Scotia and $17.20 Madison Centre.

3.0 The Project:

The lease at Scotia Plaza (Class AAA) expires on December 31/2022 and the lease at Madison Centre (Class B) expires on September 30, 2022. Management wants office spaces, which will enable working groups to interact better with each other. The building should be of a high standard with high quality common spaces, which contribute to spontaneous face-to-face meetings. (Please Note: you are not being asked to design the space so please don’t invest any energy on design)

4.0 Assignment:

The class will break into groups as directed. You are the facility management team called upon in confidence, to prepare a Feasibility Study and project plan which includes a detailed task breakdown of activities to be planned and a preliminary estimate of the costs along with a project schedule.

Your presentation will be made to the board of directors (i.e. your fellow classmates). Be very clear about what you are asking the board to approve! You will also provide a written report.

4.1 Grading of Assignment:

You will assign a project manager/ facility manager to each team, who will take charge of assigning tasks to members of the team. It is essential to assign tasks right away or you will waste valuable time. Anyone of the team or all of the team can make the verbal presentation. I will assign each member of the group the same team grade. There will also be a confidential self-evaluation, which I will ask you to complete at the end of the project. I will average the two so that each person receives a fair grade for their effort.

5.0 Content of Presentation: Please follow this order in preparing your report and at a minimum your report must include the following:

  1. Project Description – describe the project scope and cost.
  • Business Case – establish the need for the project based on the data. Here you will describe the process you undertook to arrive at your conclusions.
  • Work breakdown structure. A matrix showing major tasks and projects. 

  • Work Plan – write the Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives for the project.

  • Describe the Key Success Factors-including milestone dates. Gantt chart/ Project Schedule.

  • Project Management Model -. You should assemble a project team. List your in-house staff and any professional consultants required. Remember to include the cost of the team in your project estimates.

  • Approval Process – describe the steps which will be taken to ensure that Senior Management

is involved in the decision-making process at key project milestones.

  • Provide a Summary Estimate of the Program of Requirements. Review existing space and determine if it is adequate remember to distinguish between useable, and rentable space. We will discuss this in class as well.

9.  Budget – provide estimated capital and operating costs. Include allowances for other costs i.e.    furnishings; equipment; architectural fees; Provide for an initial 5-year lease term; include net effective rent, taxes and operating costs. Compare the costs associated with early termination of leases.

10. Conclusion- including a request for specific approvals to proceed with the project.

5.1 Occupancy:

The board of directors is suggesting an occupancy date of August 1, 2022. Make sure your schedule shows major phases from pre-design through to occupancy. Access to space for leasehold improvements would be by June 30, 2022 if you decide to take over space being sub-let to the tenant at Scotia Plaza.

6.0 Presentation Format:

Presentations will be made during the class scheduled for Week 12.  Each team will be allowed a maximum of thirty minutes for its presentation. The time is an important consideration in getting your message across to a board of directors. A typed report will be handed in and each team member will contribute to the final report. Remember the audience is expected to ask questions of the groups. This assignment will count for 40% of your final grade and will be marked on the basis of its completeness, organization and coherence as follows; each criterion will count for 10 marks.

            1.         Understanding of the assignment;

            2.         Adequate consideration and treatment of the issues;

            3.         Completeness of task lists, schedule and phasing;

            4.         Presentation verbal and written;

            5.         Organization of report

7.0 Appendix: Geographical Considerations

  • Over 35% of the total staff reside in close proximity to the Lakeshore Go transit Line
  • Over 41% of staff that work at Scotia Plaza, live in Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough and the Pickering/Ajax areas (most commute)
  • Many live relatively close to Lakeshore Go transit line
  • Scotia Plaza is a class AAA building
Location of Residence                             #              % Oakville                                   13            7 Mississauga                             22            12 Etobicoke                                  9            4.9 North York                              14            7.6 Toronto                                   70            38 Scarborough                            20            10.9 Pickering/Ajax/Whitby             11            6Location of Residence   # in Scotia Plaza          # in Madison Centre Oakville                                   13                                  0 Mississauga                             20                                  2 Etobicoke                                9                                    0 North York                              8                                    Toronto                                   49                                 21 Scarborough                            16                                  4        Pickering/Ajax/Whitby             8                                    3 Others/Remote                         15                                  10

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