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Case study for international business


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Case study for international business

  1. Think globally and act locally

The article IO Interactive- Storytelling goes global focuses on globalization of the gaming sector. Organizations that operate in the international market understand the concept of think globally and act locally. They concentrate on their strategy when expanding to the global market so as have a favorable outcome from their operations. It is vital to note that every market needs to be explored thoroughly before taking further actions. However, from the IO Interactive case study, it is clear that the young people prefer buying video games with a modern theme (Wild & Wild, 2015). They enjoy the fact that gaming can explore all areas in the international market. Many game companies understand that to succeed in the global gaming industry they need to limit the culturally distinct elements in their titles. In this case, they should put less focus on the local traditions as well as national literature.

Therefore, it shows that in the youth industry it is a case of one size fits all. The young people in the gaming industry do not put a lot of emphasis on the local culture rather they focus on using modern technology for the modern age (Wild & Wild, 2015). Nevertheless, IO Interactive has been successful through incorporating credible material from the international market. Some of its video games with universal theme have been successful in the global market. For instance, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days which included levels based in China received a positive review from its international audience.  In this case, organizations should be flexible when exploring the global market. 

  • Effects of video games on  youth

The debate over the impact of western culture on the youth will never cease.  Most games depict a westernized theme and they receive a huge audience from different countries including developing countries. For instance, IO Interactive has managed to grow in the competitive market by using its native culture of dark humor and fantasy (Wild & Wild, 2015).  However, it is less likely for the youth to want to identify with the Western culture compared to their local culture because of being exposed to large doses of video games. However, they would enjoy playing video games with westernized version of life if the local video games are not entertaining. The issue of young people desiring for a western lifestyle and goods is sensitive as it involves aspects of economic development as well as materialism. There is a high chance that young people in the developing countries will want a Western lifestyle and goods that they cannot afford. They would want to identify with the Western culture as they would assume that it has more benefits compared to their local culture.  Video games that depict wealthy lifestyles can promote discontent in the developing markets and promote materialism.

  • Social trends and technological innovations that have allowed companies to think more globally

First, internet retailing has helped organizations to think globally and act locally. For example, Amazon has succeeded in the international sector due to its localization strategies. It is a Seattle-based company, but it has found its way of convincing clients from all over the world to buy products and wait for them to be delivered instead of visiting the local stores. Amazon has online service to accommodate clients from different parts of the world. It has managed to attract consumers in the Chinese market through changing its China branding (Poloian, 2010). Additionally, it has transformed its delivering strategy as it is the only country that the company delivers goods on its own. Amazon has also localized the search engine in China to meet the clients’ needs. Consumers can open different windows in their browsers so as to search and compare goods.  Also, Amazon has online services for its clients in French and Spanish speaking countries. It can localize it selection by introducing books to various French-speaking countries apart from France. Amazon can as well expand its services to the developing nations so as to increase their customer base.

  • How new products and services might affect entertainment in future 

Currently, new products such as iPhone and YouTube are changing the current entertainment industry. Individuals can access various entertainment apps through their phone and from the comfort of their homes. In years to come, it is expected that there will be innovations to the new products and services as companies continue to explore new platforms. The entertainment industry is projected to expand so as to deliver the best goods and services to their consumers (Snickars & Vonderau, 2012). For example, it is expected that the entertainment companies will take advantage of the platforms so as to introduce their products to international viewers. Currently, there is a huge number of people that use YouTube for entertainment purposes. Hence, companies such as OI Interactive will use the platform to reach to more clients in different parts of the world. Additionally, it is expected that businesses will focus on clients’ preferences. It is also expected that streaming will become a preferred way of accessing content rather than visiting stores to buy video games. Companies will provide flexibility when catering to the consumer needs and using the new products and services to identify, reach and engage target audiences. Companies will also explore other distribution channels that will assist in expanding their brand.


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