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Caregivers Roles and Challenges Essay


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Caregivers Roles and Challenges

Caregivers have the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of the people under their care. The caregivers, therefore, assist the elderly, the young and marginalized groups to undertake both the challenging and straightforward tasks (Touhy, 2016). The routine activities which caregivers do for their older patients include accompanying them to the grocery stores.  The caregivers also help the aged adapts to new phases of their lives like retirement. Also, the marginalized groups of gays, lesbians and transgender families require the caregivers to assist in overcoming the challenges that come along with neglection at old age. Finally, the caregivers have the responsibility of understanding their clients’ social background, the unique gifts among those under their care and also people with whom their clients have close relations so that they deliver quality services (Qualls, 2009).

Often the caregivers’ experiences challenge like emotional drainage when dealing with the elderly. The aged people are in denial, as they fail to accept changes like memory loss and the struggle with unhappy marriages. Consequently, they engage in talks that undermine the services of the caregivers (Thurgood, 2013). Further, the dynamics of the society are changing; there is an increase in the number of people who need the services of caregivers compared to the population of the caregivers. The high demand for the service has seen the caregivers handle more patients than they can manage. Lastly, the new trend of family units has brought about unique challenges which are as a result of differences in ideologies (Touhy, 2016). Therefore, unlike before a caregiver in the 21st generation has the immense pressure of understanding the emerging family units so that they deliver quality services.



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