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Career Research Project Part 11


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Career Research Project Part 11

Living expenses and affordability

I aspire to live like other citizens. In a month, I will be incurring transportation, health care, groceries, and other utility bills will be amounting to $1200. That includes going to restaurants on weekends and clubs.   That is the monthly bill I will incur without rent. I will rent a medium house of $1500 that is comfortable. The total amount of my preference lifestyle will amount to is $3000 per month. It is a lifestyle I will manage to live and, at the same time, safe funds to buy other things I aspire to own in the future. The average monthly income of a nurse in Huston is $ 6,709. The salary will aid my preferred lifestyle.  After some time, I will buy my morgue, car, and helping relatives in need. Also, I would start establishing a business to generate more income and provide employment opportunities to other people. I would start with a small boutique, and work to make it better.

Cost of living differences in two other cities

New York is a big city that is protected and one I would prefer to live in the future. The cost of living is higher in some parts, while others it is relatively lower compared to Houston.  In Houston, a lifestyle supported by $ 80K annually is relatively smaller in Syracuse. In Syracuse, the same amounts to $79,083, which is lower and probable.  However, in New York (queens), the cost of living is higher compared to Huston.  In Huston, a salary of $80K in one year is equivalent to $125K in Queens.  Life in the two cities Syracuse and Queens is different and differs significantly.  The difference in both cities arise due to deviation in groceries, healthcare, utilities, transportation, and housing bills. In Queens, the cost of buying groceries is 38% higher than Huston. The significant deviation between the two cities, namely Queens and Huston, is housing, 164% more senior, health care 17 %, and transportation 12 % (“Cost of living: How far will my salary go in another city? – CNNMoney”, 2020). In Syracuse, the cost of housing, utilities, and transport is less than Huston.

Voluntary opportunities

I had been with the non-profit organization for almost eleven months, mostly during the school breaks. The organization was an animal shelter whose main objective was to find stray animals and rehome, either within the housing or in adoptive homes, as well as follow up on the care of these adopted animals. The nature of work involved mentoring new volunteers who came in every month and planning for some medical procedures that the animals were scheduled to undergo. In the community, I have offered voluntary services at Huntington Hospital. I intended to help community members who are ailing to promote good health. During my time at the hospital, I helped both children and adults living in our community.  During my time in the hospital, I was assigned the role of directing patients to appropriate places where they will get health care, answering late phone calls, and inspecting whether the patients have been attended. I desire to promote health care in our community, which pushed me while performing those duties.

The obstacles that I am likely to face to the land job is educational merit and experience. An individual experience makes him/her competitive in the job place. To gain the expertise required in handling the patients, I will offer nursing voluntary services to enhance my professional skills. Another thing I will do is work hard and smart to gain the knowledge and skills required in this field.


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