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Capstone Project


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You will complete a Capstone Project that serves as the final exam for this course. You will complete this as a 2-part project in the following manner:

Part 1: Discovery and Evaluation

This is a 10–12-page evaluation of the major topics discussed over the duration of this course. Based on the materials and information gathered from the course presentations, reading assignments, and personal research, discuss how these topics impact and influence worship in relation to:

  1. Changes in culture
  2. Music
  3. Technology and media
  4. Worship presentation
  5. Approach to preaching

Thoroughly document a minimum of 20 references (footnotes and bibliography) following current Turabian format.

Part 2: Comparison and Practical Application

Using the materials and observations from Part 1 of this project, prepare a 15-minute, 12–15-slide PowerPoint presentation explaining how the 7 areas of influence studied during this course relate to the Biblical Worship Model (Formational Worship, Transformational Worship, Relational Worship, Missional Worship, and Reproducible Worship).

The purpose of Part 2 of this project is to prepare a presentation that could be used to teach and apply the content of this course within a local church setting. Provide a written narrative or script for use during a public demonstration of the PowerPoint presentation. Select 1 of the PowerPoint slide templates available on Liberty University’s PowerPoint Guidelines webpage. The guidelines are established by the Internal Marketing Department.