[Solved ]Identify a Canadian Company faced with having to communicate a catastrophic event in the past 5 years. - Essay Prowess

[Solved ]Identify a Canadian Company faced with having to communicate a catastrophic event in the past 5 years.


Intact Financial Corporation


Perform a literature review using the following guidelines:

  1. identify a Canadian Company faced with having to communicate a catastrophic event in the past 5 years;

I choose Intact Financial Corporation as proposed company

  • summarize the communication strategy used by the organization to communicate the catastrophic event (maximum of 150 words);
  • review the following readings on how to perform a literature review; Northey, M., & McKibbin, J. (2011). Impact! A guide to business communications. (8th ed.). Toronto, Canada: Pearson Canada.Chapter 6.
  • conduct a research to find academic articles that present theories that would explain the communication strategy used by the company you identified;
  • review at least five academic or peer reviewed sources;


Your overall submission should include:

  1. Title page (include title, name, date, course code/title, instructor name).
  2. Introduction (explain what is comprised within document – should include a clear purpose/thesis statement).
  3. Body (for each article reviewed, 3-4 relevant points related to topic, supported in one paragraph supported by at least one reference),
  4. Conclusion (summarize the articles main points and how they relate to your proposed paper’s thesis statement or main arguments, confirms what was said in body).
  5. Reference Page (full references for all work cited in body).

The main body of the essay (introduction, body, and conclusion) should be a maximum of 3 pages double spaces (12 point font).

Essay #2


Write a research report that includes the following:

  1. Using the literature review from above essay which is on Intact Financial Corporation company, write a 1,500 word report. You are to use at least 5 academic sources.
  2. Review Chapter 7 and 8 of the following text book: Northey, M., & McKibbin, J. (2011). Impact! A guide to business communications. (8th ed.). Toronto, Canada: Pearson Canada.. Chapters 7 and 8 provide information on the planning, elements and writing of reports.
  3. You are to prepare a report that makes recommendations that include what communication strategy your company used and whether you feel is was an effective approach.
  4. Review the readings on APA format.
  5. Prepare, proof read, and edit the individual research report.
  6. Prepare and submit the individual research report to the assignment forum on the assigned due date.
  7. Review the submission details


Your overall submission should include:

  1. Title page (include title, name, date, course code/title, instructor name).
  2. Introduction (explain what is comprised within document – should include a clear purpose/thesis statement).
  3. Body (5-6 relevant points related to topic, each supported with one paragraph supported by at least one reference).
  4. Conclusion (confirms what was said in body, you must make three recommendations).
  5. Reference Page (full references for all work cited in body).

The main body of the essay (introduction, body, and conclusion) should be a maximum of

1,500 words, double spaced (12 point font).

Solution Essay 1 and Essay 2


Intact Financial Corporation is the main provider of casualty and property insurance services in Canada. The company insures more than 5 million people and organizations through its insurance subsidiaries. The organization conveys insurance under the Intact Insurance brand through a wide system of intermediaries. Effective communication enables the company to interact cordially with external entities especially when crises arise. This is determined by the organizational culture where information passed to customers through media and other forms of communication is highly organized. This incorporates workers providing thoughts for upgrades and clients giving input.

Effective and proficient business communication is key to the general accomplishment of your organization. The way you communicate with your customers will make a face for your image. On the off chance that you neglect to utilize your business communication apparatuses legitimately, your business can confront a poor brand picture. Check in with your group today to see that your communications are all acceptable and are being utilized by all accounts.

Aspects of Business Communication by Intact Financial Corporation

In most cases, crisis communication today is perplexing. For example, Intact Financial Corporation was very clear when providing information about the Southern Alberta floods. It ensured that customers involved in the catastrophe were informed of the company’s plans (Alberta, 2016). The speed at which buyers produce information has been increasing over the years due to evolving forms of communication. The growth of the Internet and the social media has proved to be effective when passing information to the general public. Such trends can lead to the development or downfall of a company (Silver & University of Waterloo, 2012).

From phone calls, to messages, to web-based social networking stages, the need to associate with your buyers is steady. The anxiety connected with the different online networking stages alone, can disappoint and overpowering. Solid inside communication is vital to the achievement of any organization, whether the association is a little startup or a built up vast endeavor. In the same way as other parts of effective business administration, stellar organisational communication can takes a considerable measure of time and exertion. Intact Financial Corporation has fortified inside communication at each level that has prompted to more prominent operational effectiveness, expanded deals, and an all the more fulfilling organization culture (Northey & McKibbin, 2011).

To expand effectiveness of its communications strategies, Intact Financial Corporation tailors its communication messages in a way that meets the expectations of its customers. This ensures that customers are kept abreast with the intensions of the company especially when catastrophic events occur. Intact Financial Corporation frequently assesses its external and internal communications strategies to ensure that it keeps up with the expected standards. What’s more, workers are additionally glad if there is extreme descending communication, which is data streaming down from bosses or administrators to direct reports. A good example of this is the Slave Lake fire incident where the company used different communication strategies to indicate its plans (Edmonton Journal, 2012)

Intact Financial Corporation uses an onboarding program for new workers in a bid to train them to communicate properly especially when crises occur. This re-maintains the family-orientated culture at Intact Financial Corporation. Newcomers get an individual complimentary welcome letter from the administering official. Fundamentally, this similarly begins to gather a foundation of social understanding. Letters are furthermore sent to their people and associates to adulate them on their adolescent or mate’s flourishing. This continues being fortified through further inward interchanges as laborers develop their callings (Thiffault and Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, 2011).

Many associations will find that they have heaps of gatherings of people who they have to cooperate with. One a player in the system may take a gander at which gatherings of people will be occupied with which parts of your association or exercises. A business that needs to communicate with workers about advantage alternatives, for example, may have objectives identified with expanding employees’ level of comprehension of the accessible advantages and expanding workers’ fulfillment with advantages.

Where customary organizations may have once depended entirely on disconnected communications strategies to achieve their imminent customers, numerous organizations today depend vigorously on online techniques to achieve an all the more carefully keen gathering of people. A powerful procedure advises regular basic leadership. It is not a “once and done” work out. Administrators can make technique genuine consistently, just by getting before workers all the time to interface methodology to operations like in the incident of main-track derailment in (Transportation Safety Board of Canada, 2013). Intact Financial Corporation managers ask employees what they’ve done that day to enhance the client encounter. It makes a tremendous impression and makes stories to share all through the association – something a bulletin or article can’t achieve. Imparting technique is a vital stride in vital administration – and a vital need for senior administration groups.  


Intact Financial Corporation utilizes a multi-channel way to deal with its communication. This enables the company to have alternatives to every method of communication especially when providing information regarding catastrophic events. Its internal communications strategies are blended well so that the communication remains effective. Distributing a month-to-month pamphlet gives its employees and customers a chance to expand mindfulness and comprehension of the organization ongoing and future plans in the insurance sector. This is particularly vital for new employees who may need to get to know communication procedures and techniques. A pamphlet can likewise be a powerful business communication device for upgrading workers on late improvements and measurements (Northey & McKibbin, 2011).


Top of Form

Alberta,. (2016). June 2013 Southern Alberta floods: One-year report June 26, 2014.

Bottom of Form

Edmonton Journal (Firm). (2012). ‘How could a whole town burn?’: Slave Lake one year after the fire. Edmonton, Alberta: Edmonton Journal.

Northey, M., & McKibbin, J. (2011). Impact! A guide to business communications. (8th ed.). Toronto, Canada: Pearson Canada.

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Transportation Safety Board of Canada,. (2013). Main-track derailment, VIA Rail Canada Inc. passenger train No. 92, mile 33.23, Canadian National Oakville subdivision, Aldershot, Ontario, 26 February 2012.

Silver, A., & University of Waterloo. (2012). Factors influencing individuals’ decision-making during high-risk short-notice disasters: The case study of the August 21st, 2011 Goderich, Ontario tornado. Waterloo, Ont: University of Waterloo.

ESSAY 2 Answer

Intact Financial Corporation Communications Strategies

[Student’s Name]

[Professor’s Name]

[Course Title]



At Intact Financial Corporation, communication commonly happens starting from the top. The administration group feels to a great extent in charge of conveying important data and pondering among itself with next to zero contribution from the employees. However, to genuinely have an effect, Intact Financial Corporation uses a bottom-up internal communications toe keep its customers update during catastrophic events. What’s more, information is examined transparently by different workers and administration (Fischer & Northey, 2011). By including the non-administrative group in basic leadership, it is probably going to improve coordinated effort and gratefulness for what administration is doing.

Effective communication is critical to organizations since it permits organizations to be gainful and work adequately. Workers can encounter an expansion in spirit, efficiency and duty if they can impart here and there the communication chain in an organization. Officials and administration can use social intranet to disseminate information, offer reports on organization arrangements and changes, and also stay in contact with whatever remains of the organization. Employees, then again, can interface specifically with administration ideal on the intranet contributing their feelings, considerations, and bits of knowledge on posted content. This sort of stage improves and energizes open communication, something that all organizations ought to endeavor to accomplish.

Communication Strategies used by Intact Financial Corporation

To ensure quicker and effective communication, it is important to implement web-based social networking into an organization. Interpersonal interaction programming can be an awesome data asset for an organization since employees use and add to it. Clients can likewise choose the kind of substance and the general population they need to associate with, like what is normally found on open social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Intact Financial Corporation looks to eliminate all barriers that hinder effective communication especially when crises arise. For instance, Intact Financial Corporation as of late partners other companies to provide better services. In that case, Intact Financial Corporation is able to use other organizations in times of catastrophes. Intact Financial Corporation chose media companies with neighborhood information and comprehension of those nations’ media houses. This way, the company’s communication becomes very clear and timely (Argenti, 2013).

External communication strategies bolster how a business interfaces with accomplices outside of the association. Representatives need to feel secure that they are getting legitimate and upgraded information from managers. In place Financial Corporation’s outside correspondence techniques are based on its customers, potential customers, and potential volunteers and adjacent gatherings. They in like manner should have the capacity to share considerations, thoughts and stresses inside the association. Correspondence stream is fundamental to organization when sending specific messages to its client base. These messages affect outside accomplice’s evaluations about a brand and its things or organizations. Contemplates have shown that even after a reduction, associations that have breathtaking correspondence can hold the surviving representatives (Anthonissen, 2008).

There’s a level of methodology that necessities to go with communication in the working environment. It’s about eagerly listening to others while drawing in with them on a level that permits everybody to relate. It is additionally about being direct and clear about the message being passed on in order to guarantee that it is completely caught on. Powerful and proficient business communication is imperative to the general accomplishment of Intact Financial Corporation. The way the organization communicates with its customers helps it to make a face for its image. Other than giving vital stewardship on client confronting activities, your Board contributed critical time and exertion on Intact Financial Corporation’s kin procedure, particularly identifying with powerful progression arranging and differing qualities (Intact Financial Corporation, 2000).

The earnest lesson to be considered concerning catastrophic occasion correspondence comes through extending correspondence with best practices for the organizing of internet systems administration. Catastrophic event triggers accomplices’ attributions as for the association’s level of obligation. Then again, it is through the social media in which the catastrophic events are reported that frame the association’s decision to respond to its general way of passing information. The company’s website is way too important when communicating formally. These attributions, in this manner, affect the technique that an association will use to lessen the hurting impacts (Argenti, 2013). For this circumstance, regardless, it was not accomplice attributions that coordinated Intact Financial Corporation’s procedure.

Effective communication can permits Intact Financial Corporation to draw in local work force to give help in the event of catastrophic occurrences. Sometimes, nearby work powers can give bolster in counseling employees. Local authorities now and then support organizations taking after the declaration of migration by holding a Question & Answer session with employees (Anthonissen, 2008). They guarantee workers comprehend their legitimate rights, and these measures exhibit that the nearby government knows and strong of the migration.

Distinctive forms of communication documents, for example, flyers, leaflets, and mailing records empower data to be scattered intentionally. Intact Financial Corporation utilizes a variety of correspondence systems. Reports are sent to business accessories and suppliers, while information packs could go to money related pros, trade unions and purchaser affiliations. Oral communication is an average kind of internal correspondence, for example in a social event or adjusted meeting. For example, workers are familiar with the association’s qualities and structures through selection events, association social occasions, distributions, the association site and its intranet (Argenti, 2013). Building a mailing once-over is a straightforward way to deal with advertises learning on accomplices, and is a way to deal with give standard upgrades on activities.

Generally, organizations run ads and headways to pull in customers to the store. Nowadays, electronic correspondence is creating in criticalness. This can incorporate made correspondence, for instance, an email, substance or tweet, or oral correspondence by method for video conferencing. The improvement of web based systems administration and convenient correspondences is opening up new channels to work together with customers and make helpful offers when they are close to your store. The presentation of steadfastness cards allowed retailers to bestow reliably and make associations with customers (Fischer and Northey, 2011).

Once these communications goals were set up, Intact Financial Corporation needed to build up a system to accomplish them. The initial step was to include and create excitement among every one of its workers. There is constrained joining between the different locales so the organization set up venture groups that energized cross-divisional co-operation. Basically, catastrophic event triggers attributions of duty to the organization from partners whether the catastrophic event has happened before or will probably happen once more (Fischer & Northey, 2011). For this situation, Intact Financial Corporation as an organization was not straightforwardly in charge of this catastrophic event, as the occasion happened inside on account of employees, and this sort of catastrophic event had never happened.

Analyzing past communication helps Intact Financial Corporation see where changes can be made. In place Financial Corporation always screens the ampleness of its communication strategies. It also examinations the impact of press cuttings from expansive interchanges degree to remain up with the most recent with how the association brand is seen and screens online person to person communication development talking about its picture. These allow Intact Financial Corporation to rank branches in light of the rate of customers who were ‘completely satisfied’ with their last rental experience. It utilizes month to month customer satisfaction surveys that track the levels of satisfaction among customers. These rankings of ranges choose the prizes and progress of representatives (Anthonissen, 2008). These all exhibit how feedback enables the company to improve its communication strategies.

The path in which organizations communicate with partners amid a crisis occurrence is quickly changing with the 24-hour connection to the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Advertising experts and other communication officials are attempting to specialty messages and keep up control of the stream of messages inside this dynamic scene. In “times of catastrophic event, while corporate communication administrators are planning manicured articulations, clients are blogging, messaging and posting photographs. The fitness of the joined segments used as a part of the Intact Financial Corporation communications epitomizes the perfection that can be accomplished by a solitary brand. From that perspective, the company is in good position to keep competing at high levels with other giant companies in the industry (Fischer & Northey, 2011).


Intact Financial Corporation officials built up an arrangement for imparting the strategies. This is aimed at guaranteeing that the communication procedure went and in addition conceivable and that they had foreseen any conceivable issues. It called for spending about a month building up the communications pieces, getting them distributed, practicing their presentations, making courses of action for meeting space, and organizing go among different Intact Financial Corporation districts so that all partners would get their first news of changes all the while (Fischer & Northey, 2011).

Effective internal communications enables the company to avoid internal wrangles. Unless employees are conveying viably, it will be hard to have a very dedicated and well-performing workforce. Communication additionally makes a can-do culture and prompts to an organization. Employees feel appreciated when they are involved in an upward communication with the organization hierarchy. This kind of communication is important because it is suited to the organizational structure of the company. Moreover, it allows the management to track all information passed within its hierarchy that is useful in times of crisis.


Anthonissen, P. F. (2008). Crisis communication: Practical PR strategies for reputation management and company survival. London: Kogan Page.

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Intact Financial Corporation. (2000).

Northey, M., & McKibbin, J. (2011). Impact! A guide to business communications. (8th ed.). Toronto, Canada: Pearson Canada.Bottom of Form

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