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Buy an essay on the topic ”What biblical wisdom can you gather about your character”


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For this assignment, you will be studying the life of one of the characters from Courageous Faith. You will use a template developed from Chapter 36 of Everyday Bible Study in order to complete this character-sketch Bible study. You will seek to discover what can be learned from the character you have selected when we purposefully study his or her life using the technique of observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.I. ObservationStep One: Choose a person to study. For this character-sketch Bible study I will be studying:
Step Two: Identify and list all the Bible passages on the person. You may find it helpful to use a Bible dictionary, Bible handbook, or a study Bible. Remember that some Old Testament characters are mentioned in the New Testament.
Step Three: Read through each passage, making general observations based on first impressions. List (in complete sentences) at least 10 general observations from the Bible passages on your character.
Step Four: Ask the key questions and observe other structural or grammatical 
Elements. Observations related to “Who?”
Observations related to “What?”
Observations related to “Where?”
Observations related to “When?”
Observations related to “Why?”
Step Five: Construct a timeline that details the life of your Bible personality.
II. InterpretationStep Six: Determine what Biblical wisdom can be gained from this character. Carefully look through your general observations based on your first impressions, your deeper study, and your timeline. What biblical wisdom can you gather about your character? Write out five elements of Biblical wisdom that can be understood from your character. Provide a concise explanation of each of these elements.A.
III. CorrelationStep Seven: Ask, “How does this character’s life reflect other truths found in the Scriptures?” List and explain 3 truths from this person’s life that fit within all of the Bible. Your explanation must note how these truths fit the framework of God’s Word.A.
Step Eight: Ask, “How does this character’s life point me to Jesus?” List and explain 3 ways the life of your character can point to the person and work of Jesus Christ. A.
IV. ApplicationStep Nine: What points of application can be made using the Four Common Questions? List and explain 1 point of application for each of the Four Common Questions.A. The question of duty
B. The question of character
C. The question of cause
D. The question of discernment

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