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Business Plan for a Limited Liability Company Essay


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Business Plan for a Limited Liability Company



In the foreseeable future, one may have the intent to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to produce and retail fresh fruit and vegetable juices, yogurts and smoothies. It will be duly named Nourishing My Temple LLC. This company’s core business will revolve about sourcing organic fresh fruits and vegetables for the production of a vast array of healthy beverages for contemporary city dwellers with limited access to healthy foods and related derivatives. The company will reach out to all segments of the society from the aged, young adults, children, to disabled persons with an insatiable inclination towards healthy living. As such, it will seek to keep all its customers in tandem with new literature highlighting the promise of good living through the consumption of organically produces fruits and vegetables with no chemical additives whatsoever. The company envisions a healthy and well nourished society able to live and age gracefully and in harmony regardless of perceived differences. The company’s strategies and policies will be strongly founded on biblical principles which will inform business operations, employee and customer relations.

Business Description

As a limited liability company, Nourishing My Temple will be in an optimal position to allow for sustainable growth one operations break even. Since it is basically a hybrid form of business, it will allow shareholders to minimize individual liability and also remain flexible as well as attracting tax benefits common to partnerships. To ascertain that its members remain defended from personal liability accruing from business debts, biblical principles will be strongly adhered to. A strong foundation on biblical practices will counter any possible motivations that may compel operational activities to be irresponsible, unethical or illegal.

Based on the biblical statements in Daniel 1:12 where the young seer sought to have the waiters to the King table offer them only vegetables to eat and water to drink. The outcome was such that after ten mere days, Daniel and his fellow Israelite captives were seen to be in a much healthier state than the other interns to the King’s court who consumed meats as well as wine to drink. at Nourishing my Temple, consumer will be offered the opportunity to revitalize physical health through naturally organic fruits and vegetables as well as other similar products. The foods and drinks on offer will appeal to all seeking healthy lifestyles and a rejuvenated physical self.

In managing staff and employee relations, Matthew 8: 20 which says that “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them” will be a core organizational value and inform on overall business policy. Nourishing the Temple LLC as my entity’s name is derived from the biblical verses in 1 Corinthians 6: 19 and 20 where our physical bodies are referred to as “a temple of the Holy Spirit.” These three biblical teachings will inform policy towards illustrating that the company cannot operate without the inputs from staff and the satisfaction of our clients. When these three factors work together, we glorify and honor God through the noble process of ensuring healthy bodies. The organization as a proverbial temple where from our unity God’s presence is felt will inform optimum customer relationships, employee satisfaction and organizational growth. The broader outcome being a healthier community which is concerned with taking note of what is consumed in an effort to remain healthy like Daniel for a clean Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Legal Requirements

Nourishing the Temple LLC will be based in California and will be required to fully require with all the legal requirements necessary to commence business operations in this particular state. These include a valid LLC name as per California law and ascertaining whether there are other business with the same name; filing of articles of organization; filing of the operating agreement; and publish in local media like newspapers my intent to incorporate and run the above stated LLC. Finally, I will attain the pre-requisite business permits and license from the local government such as the certificate of formation.

Contract Draft

Nourishing the Temple LLC will be involved in numerous contractual obligations with vendors, suppliers, and customers. This will be important towards ensure that the company fully conducts business in accordance to the law as well as ensuring the other party fully commits to the other end of the contractual agreement. As such, facets of a valid contractual agreements will include: intent to enter into a legally binding association; an offer; acceptance; consideration; capacity to contract; and most importantly legality. The company will offer its products to customers through advertisements or within the premises whereby the client will perform an act of acceptance to enter into a unilateral contract. The same contractual process will be available for vendors and creditors.

Ethical Considerations and CSR Initiatives

There are limited ethical considerations to be addressed concerning Nourishing the Temple LLC. The company founded on biblical teachings and operating in a liberal environment will seek to satisfy all its clients the hugely cosmopolitan state. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself is the second most important law of the New Testament as taught by Jesus Christ. This particular biblical quote will work in tandem with Matthew 8: 20 not only to inform the customer relations framework but the social responsibility aspect. Towards rewarding the community to its commitment towards healthy populations, local sport teams will be offered with durable water bottles at no cost. These bottles bearing the LLC’s logo will attract an 18% discount on any order at our retail outlet. An accompanying parent will receive a 10% discount on purchases made at the store though this will only last during sporting events towards supporting physical exercise towards a healthier community.

Dealing with Disagreements

Conflicts of interests will always occur in any business setting as a result of internal or outside issues. Given our strong biblical standpoints, it is expected that internal conflict will be kept at a minimum and as such, will be resolved amicably within the company. However, in relating with players from the external operating setting like when relating wit suppliers may bring about differences which should be promptly dealt with to minimize disrupting operations. For instance, a supplier of organic fruits and vegetables may attempt to attach an investor’s assets to the LLC’s debt.

Conflict resolution

According to the articles of organizations, the company is not run by its owners and as such, such attempts by a debtor cannot be deemed legal and can be challenged in a court of law. As much as it is projected that such occurrences will not occur and negatively impact on the company based on its moral and ethical stand points. The contracted suppliers will also be expected to be liberally inclines towards biblical truths.




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