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Business memo Essay


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Business memo

Date:  February 3, 2015

To: Staff of the marketing department, Kent State University

From: Marketing manager, Kent State University

Subject: Future advertisements of Kent State University

As head of the marketing department, I have the duty to give you a breakdown of the issues discussed in my last meeting with the President of Kent State University regarding her priorities for future advertisements for the academic year 2014-2015.

Digital systems and platforms are the norm in the current education system. Our department is fully digitized and in conformance to set organizational and education sector goals. The main course of the issues outlined by the President at the meeting revolved around integration. As marketers, we are tasked with directly communicating with potential students, their parents or guardians in an effort to offer them the best educational services and resources available in the education sector.

For the year2014-2015, the marketing department will focus its synergies towards engaging consumers of our educational services via a holistic approach. Embracing integration will ensure we meet the strategic goals envisioned by President Warren. Integration will ensure the marketing department communicates a consistent image or identity of Kent State University in messages addressed to consumers.

I call upon all staff of the marketing department at Kent State University to bravely experiment with emerging technology and associated products to define the future of the institution. The Kent State University brand has to innovatively communicate a unifying, powerful and compelling strategy envisioned by the President Warren.

I call upon all staff members of the marketing department to exhibit discipline in line with our institution’s organizational culture to advance innovative development of services offered at Kent State University. This is expected to have a domino effect on other departments such as the sales department, customer care department and foster desired relationship management aspects between staff and customers.

Many thanks.