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Bible Essay


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  1. Why is it important to emphasize that the Bible is one book rather than merely a collection of books?

When one buys a new smart device, it comes with a manual to assist the user to maximize on its use in the most appropriate manner. As the author of all creation, God presented mankind with the Bible to enable them comprehend and take advantage of creation and life in tandem with His purpose (Roberts, 2008). The overarching theme transcends life as man perceive as it revolves about spirituality. From Genesis to Revelations, this subject is emphasized in that man ought to align his mind and body to the sanctity of the spirit which is the Godly aspect of man.

2. How does Roberts define the kingdom of God?

Roberts provides that God is the only authority in His Kingdom where man and woman adhere to set rules. As the ruler, He desires that mankind submit to His government out of their own volition and build towards an “intimate relationship with Him” (Roberts, 2008 p. 22). Living under God’s reign exposes man to the originally intended ideal which, is to receiving blessings emanating from the majesty of His glory.
3. Explain in your own words what the pattern of the kingdom looks like in Genesis 1-2.
God patterned creation and perceived that it was good (Roberts, 2008). He formed man to care for it with woman as his helper. In the Kingdom of God, it is evident that man is designed to also reach a point of rest upon understanding his true purpose on Earth and thus enjoy life in the presence of the Maker.
4. Does anything stand out to you as you read these chapters? Any new insights or questions as we begin this journey through the storyline of Scripture?

The most profound insight is that God is presently in a state of rest where everything is proceeding just as He intended, towards bearing an intimate communion with mankind (Roberts, 2008). As the noblest part of His creation, man can only find sustainable rest upon aligning his mind, body, and spirit with the rules and roadmap set out in the Bible.




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