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Bachelor Of Nursing


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I attached in the pdf file my assignment bThis assignment requires you to create a poster (using the template provided) addressing a Question or issue from your specialty stream content (you must do your assignment on the topics from your first specialty content tutorial).

You are expected to read a wide range of peer reviewed journal articles to support your discussions, this assignment requires you to present the current researched evidence throughout your poster.

Points that you need to address:

• Question or Issue to be stated in the title of the poster. Your specialty stream tutor will identify the options which you can do for this assignment.

• Background- discuss the background knowledge of the question or issue, ensuring it is relevant to your specialty stream content.

• Include Key Messages- Perform a literature search and identify 3 key messages which you want to present to support the importance of discussing your question or issue.

• What recommendations can be made for clinical practice surrounding your question or issue?

• Does it require further research? Sometimes reading through the limitations and exclusions criteria of articles helps.

• Think of the ways for providing education and developing policy and procedures.

• Implementation of results:

• Discuss how the literature you have reviewed, and recommendations made can be implemented in practice. Always remember to link in to your question or issue.

• Based on the answers you have got from the literature are there any implications for practice? This could be positive or negative implications. Are there any disagreements between the authors or conflicting results? Is the evidence strong enough to change a practice?rief.

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