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Attention Deficiency in Autistic Children


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Attention Deficiency in Autistic Children

One of the major factors that affect development of autistic children is attention deficit since it affects their ability to pay attention in learning and determines their perception of the world around them (Fischer, Koldewyn,  Jiang & Kanwisher, 2014). Autism is a heredity disorder that affects the cognitive profile of affected children. Attention is important in early childhood development since it determines how children feels, responds to external stimuli and remembers their experiences. Consequently, attention deficit in developing children may lead to impaired cognitive growth.

Various studies been conducted regarding the relationship between attention deficit and autism and their conclusions have not been consistent regarding the issue (Fischer, Koldewyn, Jiang & Kanwisher, 2014).  On the other hand, deficits in previous findings may exit due some of important groups have not been tested. The aim of this study is to test an important account regarding autism that is attention deficit disorder. In order to get an answer to this question, the study will administer questionnaires to parents with autistic children so that they can give their opinion on how their children respond to stimuli and whether they are able to concentrate on their activities. Secondly, the study will conduct tests on autistic and normal children in order to see the difference in attention capacity of the two groups. Lastly, the study will determine whether severity of the symptoms will also be analyzed in terms of whether it decreases as the children grow or it continues until adulthood.

In conclusion, taking into consideration an autistic child, it is quite evident that their interaction with the world around is different with that of other children (Fischer, Koldewyn, Jiang & Kanwisher, 2014). Their general style of paying attention to stimuli is unpredictable and they tend to get obsessed with particular objects or activities. This study is important since it will reveal the connection between attention deficit disorder and autism especially in early childhood.


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