Assessment Task Details Using Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988) as a framework, you will be required to submit a reflection that demonstrates your understanding of resilience in healthcare having participated in the simulation workshop on resilience - Essay Prowess

Assessment Task Details Using Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988) as a framework, you will be required to submit a reflection that demonstrates your understanding of resilience in healthcare having participated in the simulation workshop on resilience


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This assignment is reflection and this reflection is just pass/ fail and sorry to say last sem i failed reflection that is done by you guys. so please do your best this time. this is 800 words. Assessment Task Details Using Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988) as a framework, you will be required to submit a reflection that demonstrates your understanding of resilience in healthcare having participated in the simulation workshop on resilience. Weighting: Ungraded. Pass (PS) / Fail (NN). Students must achieve a score of at least 50% when marked against the rubric (Appendix A) to pass this part of the portfolio. Length and/or format: 800 +/- 10%. Using the Gibbs reflective cycle template provided as a format . Purpose: Central to effective clinical reasoning is an ability to reflect on situations and one’s behaviour in clinical situations. This assessment task gives students the opportunity to draw on their learned knowledge and the simulation sessions, to reflect on patient behaviour and the implications this has for the delivery of quality and safe care. Reference- APA 6th edition Instructions for writing the reflective assignment Fill out the template provided and upload to your campus Turnitin dropbox. We suggest you do this as soon as possible after attending your immersion simulation workshop. Gibbs’ reflective cycle is a popular model for reflection. The model includes 6 stages of reflection and is presented below as cited in Dye (2011, p. 230). Remember its Ok to use personal pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘me’ ‘they’ etc. Yu should provide two or three references to support the evaluation and analysis sections. Description In this section, you need to explain what you are reflecting on to your reader, include background information, such as what it is you’re reflecting on and who was involved. It’s important to remember to keep the information provided relevant and to-the-point. Don’t waffle on about details that aren’t required – if you do this, you’re just using up valuable words that you’ll get minimal marks for. (around 100 words) Feelings Discuss your feelings and thoughts about the experience. Consider questions such as: How did you feel at the time? What did you think at the time? What did you think about the incident afterwards? You can discuss your emotions honestly, but make sure to remember at all times that this is an academic piece of writing, so avoid ‘chatty’ text. (around 100 words) Evaluation For your evaluation, discuss how well you think things went. Perhaps think about: How did you react to the situation, and how did other people react? What was good and what was bad about the experience? Consider the structure of the simulation did it work or not why or why not? Consider what words you might use to evaluate the simulation. did you think there was sufficient discussion after the activity Why/why not? This section is a good place to include the theory and the work of other authors – remember it is important to include references in reflective writing (around 200 words) Analysis In your analysis, consider what might have helped or hindered the event. You also have the opportunity here to compare your experience with the literature you have read. This section is very important, particularly for higher level writing. Many students receive poor marks for reflective assignments for not bringing the theory and experience together. (around 200 words) Conclusion In your conclusion, it is important to acknowledge: what you have learned from the experience. Consider how your understanding has changed as a consequence of attending the simulation and why this has or has not had an impact on your outlook. (around 100 words) Action plan For this section consider both how you will implement the learning from the simulation as well as how you will extend your learning understanding and skillset around this topic. What can you do to enable yourself to be well equipped to manage clinical practice. (100 words) Templete is attached So this is information of workshop that is attented \scanerio given in stimulation tutor choose 5 students as nurse and 1 patient and rest of students for feedback. for patient Patient is a lady with COPD, really anxious, missing her family, and has acquired an infection through the hospital so very concerned about nurse ans student nurse should perform hamd hygiene and cleaning equipment before use kinda microphobic As a student nurse we have to check the vitals more concern about infection control as got infection last time with cannula in same hospital so want everyone to use hand sanitizer or perform hand hygiene at start and every have to make sure in front of her that we perform this. while doing vitals signs she need perform hand hygiene and clean euipments as well having cough, too much tired and irritated more irritated with student nurse. want to talk to nurse. missing family and just dont want to talk to someone, loves to talk about son love jazz music. want jazz music getting bored i performed a role of nurse as being a nurse i have to perform vital signs and as i started as i told you she is really concerned about infection control as we hadnt get this information in handover so at start when i was about to do something she said can you please may sure everything is clean as she got infection before so i cleaned evetything and start and everytime i go to her room i have to perform hand hygiene and have to do in front to het to make her sure i cleaned everything as she is tired and shortness of breath so i offered her to sit upright and offered her pillow, moreover, i started talking to her and she said why everyone is asking me questions and i explained that the only way we can know about you what you feel, how you feel and what we need to do for you. and she wants me to call nurse and nurse is on break then i suggest her to wait for ask me if she is having nany concern by talking her with politely she is settled. once i just performed hand hygiene and going to do her Bp and she again said make sure you did perform hand hygiene i said yes i just did i front of you but for reassurance i did it again. and she also wants to make sure that this time she will not get infection again and i reassured her that we got hospital protocols that she will not get this again and we will also update in her notes that make sure everyone perform hand hygiene or use hand sanitizer before going in her room. – it was a really great experince to be nurse and work according to the given scenario as i thing i want to improve is my communication skills as it just a matter to comminication that how you can deal with patient in a better way so make her feel comfortable. and not to rush the things for example i need to start with a conversation with her than we she feel comfortable then need to start perform vitals not just go to her room and start doing vitals as she is already irritated and tired so this makes her feel more tired. from the feddback i leaned how we worked together – team work feedback help us that how i can improve myself while going on placemnets communication that how i have to make her feel comfortable and learned how this type of situation is to be managed. how to built a relationship with patient.

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