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Assessment 3 Evaluation Of Practice


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Task 1) Identify and briefly describe a specific area of your practice in which you have a particular interest or where there is uncertainty/ differing opinions about the provision of care.

Task 2) Develop a specific searchable question using the PICO format or similar based on the area of practice described in.

Task 3) Conduct a search for the highest levels of evidence that you can find to answer your question. The 3 highest pieces of research evidence found should be selected. Succinctly describe your search process and provide justification of the resources that you chose to search and the evidence selected. Include the abstract/s or summary/summaries of the high level evidence to your final assignment.

Task 4) Compare and contrast the answer to your question found in the high-level evidence to the current practice in this area. Your discussion should highlight the level of evidence or strength of the recommendations and clearly discuss any differences that exist between the evidence based recommendations and your existing practices, and whether the practice adheres to the current research evidence. If you are unable to find high level evidence and/or clear evidence based answers to your question then this should be discussed, including reasons why you think this evidence does not exist or is poorer quality evidence.

Task 5) Discuss the barriers to using/implementing EBP(evidence based practise ) that may exist in your specific clinical setting and how these barriers may be overcome, and/or strategies that exist to promote EBP within your practice setting.

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