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Artist Bio: Dierks Bentley Essay


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Artist Bio: Dierks Bentley

Born in November 20th, 1975and a Phoenix, Arizona native, Dierks Bentley has grown and nurtured his artistic talents to become one of the most respected country music singers in the US. Though he was brought up in a family with no musical interests whatsoever, his love for music saw him begin playing the electric guitar since he was 13 years old. He is a self nurtured country music artist and at age 19 moved to the country music capital of the US in Nashville at 19. He however found it tough try to make it as a country musician in Nashville due to the little professional and public interest to his work.

Dierks Bentley got his first break into the country music scene when he station Inn which was well patronized by the bluegrass faithful. After performing in a number of all night jam sessions, he got the motivation to continue pursuing gigs. He was later employed by the TNN television network and was tasked with researching classic country music. During the evenings, he loyally worked on preparing his demos and was later signed as a recording artist with Capitol Records leading to the release of his debut album titled Dierks Bently in 2003. This self titled album is famous among country music enthusiasts with the catchiest tune being the track titled “What was I thinking.” As much as this was Dierks Bentley first album, it went on to attain platinum status.

To date, Dierks Bently has produced a total of seven albums which have brought him out as one of the most unpredictable as well as being one of the most respected county music artists in the industry. As an award winning songwriter and singer, Dierks Bently’s star continues to grow appealing to many of his new and loyal fans. His latest project titled Riser which was released in 2014 comes out as one of his most personal engagements to date. This album was recorded just a year after his dad’s death. As such, the album appropriately titled as “I am a Riser” is all about determination and resilience. This album is in essence an explanation of Dierks Bentley’s personal, societal and spiritual recommitment and has worked well to distinguish his artistic talent from his competition in the country music industry. Many of his fans have come to appreciate his musical perception with regard to aspects of personal, societal and spiritual rejuvenation.

His second album released in 2005 and was titled “Modern Day Drifter.” This album was also positively received by country music enthusiasts again propelling him to platinum status as well as two number one songs. On the same year, he was awarded with the CMA Horizon Award. He became the youngest country music artist to be invited to the Grand Ole Opry. In 2006, he released his third album titled “Long Trip Alone.” Dierks Bentley third album again produced two number one singles namely “Free and Easy (Down the road I Go)” and “Every Mile a Memory.” His third album attained the gold status.

He has always had eventful tour schedules and as such released his first live DVD in 2007 titled “Live and Loud at the Fillmore.” In 2009, he released his fourth album titled “Feel That Fire” and in 2010 released his fifth album titled “Up on the Ridge.” In 2012, he released “Home” as his sixth album prior to releasing his seventh album in 2014. As his artistic talents continuing to blossom, Dierks Bentley is bound to make ripples in the county music industry for a long time to come.