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Applied Science In Professional Practice


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Choose one of the following CaseWorld virtual patients found on FLO:

Marjorie Burns OR Jenny Coste

Write an Essay (1500 words) about your chosen patient. Your Essay MUST include the


1.Outline the patients primary medical condition by discussing the Anatomy and Physiology related to this condition.

2.Identify one (1) nursing consideration for your patient and discuss the Microbiology and Infection control precautions for this patient.

3.Identify two (2) health issues for this patient and discuss the relevant nursing interventions to address them.

4.All discussions are required to be supported with rationales and referencing. 

Students are to prepare a written essay using one of the case-world patients above as a basis for their essay assignment. Assignments are to be written in third person, e.g. “Refer to yourself as the writer and NOT me or I”, and please ask your tutor if you are unclear about this. 

The use of sub-headings is acceptable and encouraged as they may assist the reader in understanding your essay and the meanings within it. 

Students are required to provide the following: 

An introduction that introduces the essay topic and tells the reader what is to follow. Introduce the chosen CaseWorld patient in detail, identifying all relevant information. Do not include information that is not important/relevant to the assignment topic and your CaseWorld patient.

Outline the patients primary medical condition, including an accurate and highly relevant overview of the important anatomy and physiology related to the condition. 

Outline the relevant microbiological aspects of the patient’s condition, including relevant nursing precautions required with rationales. Identify the most important (ONE ONLY) nursing consideration for your patient in relation to microbiology and infection

control, e.g. what nursing precautions should be in place while the patient is in hospital and why? (rationale).

Identify two (2) important health issues/problems for your patient. 

For each of these (2) important health issues/problems, provide a relevant nursing intervention or action to address them, along with the reasons why (rationale) the nursing intervention or action should be carried out. 

For example, If pain is identified as the important health issue/problem, provide one nursing action in order to address/alleviate the patients pain and the reasons why (rationales) this action is important. 

Do the same for the second identified health issue/problem.

Provide a conclusion to your essay that highlights the main points within your essay.

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