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(Answered) NR501 Week 8: Collaboration Cafe



As we bring this class to a close, I would like for you to reflect on this course. How will you use a current theory or envision a new theory that can be used to support evidence-based change related to your practice as an advanced practice nurse.

Nursing theories are important aspects of evidence-based practice (EBP). As such, nurses must be knowledgeable about theories that promote EBP in nursing. The theory promotes EBP in many ways including guiding nursing education, research, and practice. According to Younas and Quennell (2019), clinical practice generates research knowledge and questions for theory. Research then guides nursing practice and builds knowledge through the development of theory. Effective nursing demands the application of knowledge, skills, science, and art to deliver patient care effectively, efficiently, and considerably. EBP, the judicious use of current, best, and available evidence together with clinical expertise and patient values and preferences, significantly uses research findings to find current evidence. Thus, we can say that research guides practice by building knowledge through theory testing or generation. The fundamental objective of nursing theory in the nursing profession is to enhance practice by positively