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(ANSWERED) MPH506 Module 6: Discussion


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You will participate in one discussion this week. There are two different topics presented below, in bolded text. Please choose one of these topics for your discussion this week, address the bullet items under the topic name.

Food Hazards
Describe the categories of hazards that may be present in foods, including obesogens.
Discuss some methods for hazard control and/or prevention, along with which agency or regulatory body would oversee this aspect of food safety.
Water Supply
Describe the principal reserves for water using specific resources and/or data.
Which areas of the world have adequate supplies, and which ones are facing a chronic shortage?
What are the public health implications of both situations?
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Various categories of hazards may be present in foods. They include biological hazards, chemical hazards, physical hazards, and allergenic hazards (Friis, 2019). Biological hazards are present when food is contaminated with microorganisms. They include bacteria, viruses, and parasites that pose health risks to consumers. These microorganisms can be introduced to food through the environment, from poor sanitation and cross-contamination during delivery, packaging, processing, and storage (Lagerkvist et al., 2018). Chemical hazards are noticed due to the presence of harmful substances that are naturally occurring in food or added during food processing. Some of the examples include…………………