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Annotated Bibliography


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Please take a look at my bib on my paper. Follow the exact format from the sample paper. Donter defer because that is whatthe teacher wants. Read below on the amount of words and pages need to complete this assignment.

Submit your Annotated Bibliography to the Week 5 Assignment link.  “…An Annotated-what?”  I realize that some of you may have never written an annotated bibliography.  Simply put, an annotated bibliography is a list of citations that you have in your bibliography or reference list with a short description summarizing what the author(s) is/are saying.  It is IMPORTANT that you NOT copy and paste text from your source(s) are you write your annotated bibliography.  You want to PARAPHRASE any of the author’s key points in your own words. Please DO NOT…repeat DO NOT copy and paste!!!   In your description, you want to add your own evaluation of the author’s key theme or points. 

Each annotation should be between 150-200 words and descriptive of the piece.  What you will then be able to do is take your annotations and start building your Literature Review. Length 8-12 pp.

Here is a WEEK 5 SAMPLE PAPER to give you an idea of the proper format.