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Anita Biressi and Heather Nunn’s Article


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Anita Biressi and Heather Nunn’s article has a well-outlined introduction illustrating the prominence of entertainment celebrities and the modern democratic social realm. The people who succeeded in the entertainment industry were the ones held up as exemplary figures. Thearticle vividly describes the transformation of the media culture using reality TV shows and media stars. The readings cover the current affairs in the media industries such ast he use of reality TV shows and celebrity figures. For instance, it describes the reality shows such as the big brother and the pop idol(Biressi, A., & Nunn, H. 2008, 2). The Shows have been crucial in the development of new iconic personas. Television drama series such as the footballers’wives are also linked to the transformation of the media industry. The paper also addressesthe different critical responses regarding the reality TV. It uses the notes in the end to familiarize the reader with the conceptsused for a clear understanding of the major argument. The authors discuss different reality TVshows and clearlyillustrate the implications and the advances of the TV shows.However, the reading lacks a well-developed conclusion with the summary of the ideas discussed in the paper(Biressi, A., & Nunn, H 2008, 6).

The readingby Irmi Karl has a well-laid introduction that guides the reader to the main argument.  The purpose of the paper and the content are clearly outlined in the introductory paragraphs(Karl, I. 2007, par 3). For instance, it is clear from the introduction that the paper re-evaluatesthe relationship between reality TV and the lived experiences of people and shows how the relationship is re-engendered in the contemporary culture. Theauthorintroduces the paper in a manner that you caneasilylocate the main points(Karl, I. 2007, par 8). Unlike the reading by Anita and Nunn, thereading by Karl has clear subheadings each with the topic of the matter addressed. The paper also addresses the current affairs in the TV industry such as the ongoing proliferation and diversification of the reality TV(Karl, I 2007, par 5).Besides, ithas a well-developed conclusion with inferences drawn from the main argument.


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