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Anatomy & Physiology


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This assessment aims to improve your:

1.skills in producing an informative and engaging set of slides

2.ability to effectively and accurately communicate information in slides

3.knowledge and understanding of body systems and homeostasis

4.academic skills


1. Create a five (5) minute PowerPoint presentation that includes audio and visual components on one (1) of the physiological processes covered in this subject. Please ensure that the BHS106A Assessment 2 Brief 30 01 19 .Docx Page 2 of 7 physiological process for this assessment is different from the one you had done for Anatomy and Physiology 2 (BHS104A) and see that the body systems are not repeated.

2. Demonstrate how your chosen body system contributes to the structure and function of the tissues and/or organs of the system. To do this, define the levels of organization (e.g. cells, tissues, organs) that make up your chosen body system. It is also required to demonstrate an understanding of how your chosen body system contributes to homeostasis and its role in movement and/or protection. 

3. The content of your presentation should explain the physiological process of the chosen topic and define any scientific or medical terminology. The intended audience for this assessment is your lecturer, but the level of information should be pitched at a peer level.

4. You should include a title or cover slide at the beginning and a reference list slide at the end; both of which are included in the 14-slide limit.

5. You should include an introduction slide that provides some background information on the chosen topic. The conclusion slide concludes and summarises the presentation.

6. To support the content/topic of your presentation, use a minimum of five (5) different references from academic sources (e.g. scientific journal articles, textbooks, credible webpages .edu and .gov).

7. When referencing, make sure you use APA style 6th edition in accordance with the academic writing guide available in the following link: tent_id=_2498847_1&mode=reset

8. You are required to embed the audio into the presentation and/or each slide to create a continuous slideshow.

9. Include at least two (2) relevant diagrams, graph, infographic, image, table and/or other visual aids to enhance/support your explanations. Please ensure these are referenced properly (APA style).

10. To make this narrated visual presentation, it is strongly recommended that students first view the video ‘Assessment 2 – how to structure a PowerPoint presentation’ available on Blackboard under Assessment 2 – Digital presentation webpage. This video shows you how to do a simple voice over on a power point presentation.

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