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Anatomy of the urinary,


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The animations will address the anatomy of the urinary, also known as renal system, the structure of the kidney, the vascular system associated with the kidney, and blood pressure. The pre-lab readings will reinforce the anatomy and physiology of the urinary system as well as how blood pressure impacts the function of the kidneys, and how the function of the kidneys impacts a person’s blood pressure.

At the conclusion of this lab exercise, you will understand and be able to use normal urinary analysis findings to make a diagnosis based on urinalysis data and other findings provided in multiple scenarios. Additionally, you will learn how urine indicates overall hydration, health problems that can be identified through urine color, and why taking a regular urinalysis is important in pregnant women. Answer the questions on the respective Lab Report form.

For this Assignment you must:

  • Complete tables two through five.
  • Answer questions one through six on the respective Lab Report form.