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Analyzing Art Assignment help


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directions: Choose one (1 only) of the following images from the Is It Art or Something Like It? (Links to an external site.) slide show and make your case for whether it is art–or not–using the criteria presented in Some Possible Criteria for Judging Creative Works. Your choices are: Slide 7, the portrait of former President Obama only; Slide 12, 14, 17, 22, 24, 40 or 43 (one only).

You may also add criteria of your own or any we came up with in class, and you may of course disagree with some of the established criteria after you’ve shown your understanding of it. Please go beyond “It’s art because I think it is” even if that is one of your criteria and that’s where you end up. I should see your use of criteria like perfection, insight,and inexhaustibly, etc., in your discussion.

Also do some interpretive analysis work to help support your case even if you don’t have any background, but note if that would help your case if you think it would. Review Analyzing Creative Works if you need to.

Write no less than 275-300 words total. More is fine, but don’t feel you have to write an essay. Once you post, you’ll be able to see your classmates’ assignments, but you need not reply unless you like (optional).

No outside sources are allowed. As with most assignments in this class, I do not expect or want you to do research or use any other sources–I want to hear what you think, not what others think.
Analyzing Art
Slide 14
Slide 14 presents an image that portrays great color contrast. On the first glance one can clearly notice the color combination. There is color contrast which can be viewed in the hat the people are wearing. Although it appears that the artist did not use any imaginative materials, the image captures a person’s attention. Additionally, it shows good use of technique. The artwork contains people standing behind a barbed wire. The use of barbed wire shows the people’s suffering. Although only three men can be seen clearly, there are other people in the background. The image is neat and it shows the people’s feelings. There is a variety of textures in the image. Looking at the people’s faces, one can notice the use of rough brush which shows that the people are frail and sad. Their faces are filled with sad lines. The texture creates veracity which in this case its accuracy of the emotions in the image.
The image also shows perfection as the lines on the people’s faces are clear. Although the image does not show the surrounding area, there are some structures that can be viewed. They are structures of houses that show that it is a residential area. The artist used lines to draw viewers attention to the emotions. The image is appropriately finished and it sends a clear message. There is good use of technique portrayed in the image. The art offers great insight as one is able to understand the artist. A viewer can capture the message being passed by the artist by looking at the image. It shows individuals behind a barbed wire and they seem frail and sad which show that they are captured.

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