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Analysis of Selenium in Software verification and validation


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Analysis of Selenium in Software verification and validation

Your research paper could focus on an issue that spans one or more of the above subheading topics. Your task would be to analyze your chosen specific issue in Vulnerability Analysis corresponding to your chosen subheading topics and then produce a research report on same. The reference to Session 4 above is for example only. It does not mean you must base your research paper on the Session 4 subtopics, although one could choose to do so. Feel free to focus your research paper on other sessions (Sessions 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11) which may cover issues and topics which are of more interest or perhaps more applicable to your present endeavors. Alternatively you may find it appropriate to focus your research on an issue spanning two or more session topics. As a hypothetical example, you could conceivably analyze a commercial software tool (Session 10) targeted at performing software verification and validation (Session 9). Your Research Paper must demonstrate graduate-level writing ability and comply with the format requirements of the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association. Careful attention should be given to source citations, proper listing of references, and the presentation of tables and graphs. Be sure to carefully cite (using correct APA-Style in-line citations) all sources of information in your paper. UMUC policies regarding plagiarism will apply to the Research Paper as well as all other deliverables in this course. Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional presentation of another person’s idea or product as one’s own. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to the following: copying verbatim all or part of another’s written work; using phrases, charts, figures, illustrations, or mathematical or scientific solutions without citing the source; and paraphrasing ideas, conclusions, or research without citing the source. Students can avoid unintentional plagiarism by carefully adhering to accepted scholarly practices. Notes taken for papers and research projects should accurately record sources of material to be cited, quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, and papers should acknowledge these sources in footnotes. The penalties on plagiarism include a zero or a grade “F” on the work in question, a grade “F” in the course, suspension with a file letter, suspension with a transcript notation, or expulsion. Please refer to m. A final note on source citations and the use of reference material in your research paper: It is expected that much of the information you put in your paper will relate to topics which are new to you. For this reason it is also expected that you will rely heavily at times on material found through references discovered in your research. It is essential that you give proper attribution to these sources of information. You should not quote extensively from your sources, but instead should express the ideas found in your own words, applying them to the specific points you are making in your paper. Short word-for-word excerpts are acceptable, but should always be placed in quotation marks to clearly indicate a verbatim use of source material. Your instructor is extremely well-read in the subject areas addressed in this course, and it is generally quite apparent when a given section of content originates from a source rather than that of the author, so please be diligent about using source material appropriately. It is always better to err on the side of too much citation rather than too little. Papers for this course must meet the following criteria: Papers must be your original work. Papers must not be “recycled” from previous courses, even if written by you. The emphasis of papers must be analytical, i.e. the paper should pose a research question or problem, and attempt to answer the question or problem with an analysis of available sources and reference material, as well as your own perspective.

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