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An Argument for Pure Capitalism, Pure Communism or Socialism


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BUS 101 – Final Paper.An Argument for Pure Capitalism, Pure Communism or Socialism

Capitalism, Communism and Socialism are the three main economic systems in the world today.  In your final paper, you will choose one economic system and offer an argument to prove that it is the best one. Your paper should clearly and with cited evidence prove your point without any doubt.

You should consider the following points:

·         Who proposed the system, and how their life led to that moment.

·         When the system was proposed and the economic conditions of the environment the author(s) lived in.

·         The purpose of the system.

·         How the system is specifically superior to the other two economic systems.

·         Historical observations of both your chosen systems strengths and weaknesses.

·         The Opportunities each system afford and the threats against them.


·         The paper should use standard English composition rules.

·         All references must be cited.  News sources must be legitimate news outlets.

·         Wikipedia is not accepted as a cited reference.

·         The paper should be no shorter than four full pages and no more than six full pages.

·         The following formatting should be used:

  • Font Size 12
  • 1” Margins all around
  • 1.15 line spacing (Microsoft default)
  • No extra space before or after paragraphs
  • The first line of a paragraphs may be indented up to .5”
  • Cite references in a bibliography at the end

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