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American College of Physicians and Affordable Care Act


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Subject: American College of Physicians and Affordable Care Act


The ACP did not agree with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act after. The organization argued that although the bill is consistent with the ACP policy, there are various concerns concerning the provisions. The ACP explained that it was important for the Senate to amend the legislation so as to deal with the said issues[1].  Initially, some physicians were against the implementation of the health care reform. According to them, the bill would only result to socialized medicine. Some of the physicians argued that the bill would lead to inferior patient care. They maintained that the physician offices in the country would increase the patient list. Hence, they would be forced to ration care. Nevertheless, it is important for the ACP to remain committed to supporting the Affordable Care Act and allow the country’s internists to offer their patients with the means required to register in affordable health insurance. 

According to the ACP, it supports the ACA’s provision to increase coverage to all the legal residents in the country. The organization maintained that expanding medical care to all people is among its first priorities[2]. Another element of the ACA that the organization supports is the provision to improve payments to support the value of care offered by the primary care physicians. The organization also supports the Affordable Care Act move to increase testing of innovative payment and delivery services. According to the ACP, the move to enhance the training of the primary care physicians is also important. 

ACP had various recommendations that were directed to the Senate concerning the Affordable Care Act. One of the recommendations given by the ACP about the Act was the implementation of a permanent revoke of the flawed SGR formula[3]. The organization suggested that it was important for the Senate to introduce a new payment system so as to offer positive and predictable payment updates for the physicians. The move would enable higher growth and enhancement of the primary care and preventive services. Another strategy that was recommended by the ACP was the reinstatement of the 20/220 loan deferment program. The move would allow the suspension of interest and principal payments on educational loans when the physicians are on residency.

One of the strategies that the ACP took against the bill was the request representation on the Board so as to guarantee that their recommendations were implemented[4]. The ACP requested that changes be made to include certain representation of physicians who are involved in providing care to the community.  The ACP also maintained that the Congress needed to block enactment of the Commission’s endorsements through a simple majority vote.  The organization also maintained that there was the need for transparency. It also requested the inclusion of IMAB in making recommendations that affect the health sector.

The internists should also help the country’s health care system to deliver high-quality care. The American College of Physicians should ensure that all the legal people living in the country are accessing the care they need[5]. The ACP should support the changes made to the Affordable Care Act. It should focus on stabilizing the insurance market by expanding the consumer choice of the products and services offered by the insurance company. Also, the American College of Physicians should be ready to support all the stipulations of the Affordable Care Act. The American College of Physicians should be ready to deal with various politics surrounding the Act.

There have been attacks from the Congress, state legislatures, the Republican governors as well as the courts[6]. The Democrats and the Republicans have different opinions concerning the implementation of Affordable Care Act. On one side, the Democrats try to convince the public about the benefits of the Act while Republicans maintain that will increase the costs for individuals who have the insurances.  The Democrats also claim that the Act will benefit the national economy. However, the Republicans maintain that the bill will affect the Medicare beneficiaries.

Benefits of the strategies

Supporting the Affordable Care Act is important for the American College of Physicians will help in supporting the health care system. However, from the opposition’s point of view, the Act would negatively affect the country’s financials[7].  Hence, the following options are recommended for the American College of Physicians.

First, the American College of Physicians can focus on stabilizing the insurance market. They can achieve this by encouraging the young people to apply for medical insurance[8]. They should also make sure that no one is discriminated based on their age or health. It is also important for the organization to support the physicians in their role of offering accessible and cost-effective care to all the people. It is also important for the organization to come up with ways of reducing costs for the government. One of the major opposition of the Act is that it may have a significant impact on the country’s financials. However, with proper balancing of the insurance market, there will be no much damage. It is also important to increase the enrollment of the physicians and interns in the organization so as to minimize the burden caused by the increasing number of patients.


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