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Advantages of developing an App Essay


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Advantages of developing an App
Over three decades ago, Apple Inc., began making apps frameworks. Today, there are millions of apps on sale or offered for free via app stores (Salz and Jeniffer 14). Developing a mobile app is hard work, requires employing a lot of knowledge, a definitive thought process, expertise and is quite time consuming. Developing an app requires a developer to have bright ideas, have a networking relationship with other app developers and artists, sales and marketing gurus, finances and in some cases luck (Salz and Jeniffer 22).
The introduction of Apps designed for use in smart phones has enabled many people to find new and better ways of using these smart devices in normal day to day operations. Businesses have now embraced the numerous opportunities presented by apps and are continuously positioning business operations to ensure efficiency and other accruing benefits (Salz and Jeniffer 14). As such, many people can attest to the benefits that accrue from developing a mobile app. This paper seeks to address the benefits accruing from developing apps. As much as it is time consuming to develop an app and get it on an app store, in the end it is all worth it, for the fame, fortune and the good feeling that people will benefit from its application.
For the fame
There are apps developed to enable smart phone users to generate income directly and others primarily made to enhance marketing strategies, brand awareness or improve the consumer experience while using a particular product or service. Mobile apps have a very clear benefit which generally results from the enhancement of a user’s experience while using a well designed mobile app (McWherter and Jeff 89). Individuals who have developed innovative and user friendly apps have become a sensation with companies for which the apps are developed as well as the users experiencing them. The ability of apps which are considered as assistive technologies allows consumers to comfortably address societal problems.
Developing innovative and assistive apps have led many apps developers into stardom. For example, the Global Mobile Awards is an annual event which introduces the best app developers in the diverse fields of medicine, education, finance and so on (McWherter and Jeff 64). Many developers have been recognized for the contributions and immediately become famous by being offered contract by huge tech companies. Thus the resources spent by such individual developers or as app development companies in the end translate to fame.
For the fortune
It is important to begin by accepting the fact that some mobile apps are more profitable than others. Developers making game apps for smart phones get wealthy once their applications hit the apps stores. Game apps are quite trendy and many developers with interesting and engaging apps have become wealthy of making smart phone apps. The more an application is downloaded, the more a developers stands to benefit (Salz and Jeniffer 167). Given the there are around 15 million iphone users in the US alone; having thirty percent download your application will surely make one wealthy. However not all apps are well accepted by users. In some cases, consumer response may e slow but catch on later making the developer very proud of his or her achievements.
For the benefit of all users
Developing mobile apps begins with having an idea on how to develop an assistive technology. The more an app can assist in enhancing consumer experience, the higher the like likelihood that many users will visit an app store and purchase it (McWherter and Jeff 84). For instance apps dedicated to healthcare are receiving quite some attention. Mobile apps which help people to monitor their vital signs get more downloads as many people understand that good health improves the quality of life.
Developing apps is indeed a challenging endeavor. The fact that there are different apps for different fields means that apps are targeted to assist a particular consumer market segment. As much as developing an app may be costly, involving, laborious and time consuming, the benefits accruing are worth it. From both a individual and societal point of view.

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