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Advancing Practice Through Research


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Have you submitted your essay to the draft checker and checked the turnitin results?

Have you looked at the assignment marking criteria?


Does provide a clear research problem/question identified from the scenario?

Does it provide an overview of the issues/aims of the small pilot study?

2.Find the Evidence

Do you provide a clear summary of your search strategy – including relevant data bases and a justification of key words?

Have you identified key pieces of evidence relevant to your chosen scenario?

Have you discussed the hierarchy of evidence?

3.Designing your study

Have you provided a key research questions/aim/hypothesis for your study?

Have you clearly identified a research approach?

Have you included a discussion on:  sampling; data collection; data analysis; ethics etc. (think about the research process)

Have you provided evidence to support the decisions and approaches you have made?

4.Sharing your research

Have you discussed dissemination relevant to your proposed pilot study?

Have you discussed barriers to implementation and how these might be overcome?


Have you summarised the key points made in the assignment?

Have you discussed the implications and impact that the pilot study might have in clinical practice?

Have you ensured that it does not it contain any new material?

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