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Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing


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Task 1 Triage 

a) Identify the Australasian Triage Scale (ATS) you would assign to Gail on her arrival at the triage via the ambulance bay without any nursing assessment findings. Provide a rationale for your score

b) What location in the emergency department would you allocate Gail for assessment and treatment? Provide a rationale for your answer.

Task 2 Patient Assessments

a) Would you perform a secondary survey on the patient? Provide a rationale for your answer

b) Would you perform an ECG on Gail? Provide a rationale for your answer

c) Using the ECG provided, calculate the patient’s heart rate and Identify the rhythm. Provide a brief explanation of how you came to this conclusion.

Task 3 Focused Assessments 

Task 3 focused assessments (200-250 words): a) Identify the specific body system(s) related to Gail’s presenting condition, you would conduct a focussed assessment. Provide a rationale for conducting this type of nursing assessment(s).

Task 4 Medication Management 

a) Critically evaluate the pharmacological pain management prescribed for Gail. What medication would you use, if any, to treat Gail’s pain? Provide a rationale for your answer. 

Task 5 Patient Safety 

a) Identifying any concerns, complications or issues that may develop for Gail or the nursing staff as a consequence of a prolonged stay in the emergency department. Briefly explain why they may be an issue or concern.

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