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ABC call center Network Manager Essay


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As the Network/IT manager at ABC call center, there has arisen the need to purchase and install the IP PBX solution to match the new demands of the new call center at the company’s headquarters. The call center industry has grown tremendously as organizations seek to outsource some of their organizational functions (Beltran, 2014). To have a competitive edge over competitors, there is the need to have the most effective and efficient IP contact call center which more complex features other than the conventional over voice only contact centers. This paper seeks to present an analysis on vendor selection relative to the needs and strategic objectives of ABC call center.

Vendor Product Description

Our market research suggested six of the best leaders in the IP PBX infrastructure and contact center solutions industry. These include Avaya, the Genesis Telecommunications Laboratories, Interactive intelligence and Siemens (Beltran, 2014). Avaya offered two products; a top of the range Interaction Center and a medium range Microsoft supported Contact Center Express. The Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories offered the versatile Genesys 7 Suite while Interactive Intelligence offered the Customer Interaction Center. The 6100 Contact Center Solutions offer was presented by Mitel Networks and it included an array of building blocks for a call center (Beltran, 2014). Trango Software, a Siemens AG subsidiary brought to the table the HiPath ProCenter Standard.

Vendor Analysis



Avaya Genesys Interactive Intelligence Mitel Siemens
Experience and Connectivity
Experience of the Company 3 4 4 0 5
Automatic Call Distribution based on Windows 1 0 1 3 0
Call Center includes 400 agents 12 15 6 0 9
Connectivity to current Avaya PBX 3 15 9 0 6


Avaya Genesys Interactive Intelligence Mitel Siemens
Multimedia Support
Email 5 5 5 5 5
Chat 5 5 5 5 0
Voicemail 5 5 3 2 3
Interactive Voice Response 2 1 4 3 5
Outbound Dial 2 5 1 3 0
Computer Telephony Integration 1 3 0 0 5
URL Browsing 5 5 3 2 0
Customer Relationship Management Support 2 3 2 5 1
Avaya Genesys Interactive Intelligence Mitel Siemens
Total Cost 4 8 16 8 4
Rating 50 74 59 36 43



The Genesys 7 Suite relative to organizational requirements

From the results provided from the vendor analysis table, the Genesys 7 Suite garnered the highest rating at the best possible cost. The Genesys 7 Suite was awarded with the Most Scalable, Distributed IP Contact Center certification in the IP Contact Center Review of 2005 (Elliot, Blood & Kraus, 2011). As such, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories is a renowned IP PBX solutions provider. The Alcatel subsidiary had by 2005 shipped more than 1,000,000 agent seats to about 3,000 IP contact centers all over the globe (Chughes, 2005).  It is important to point out that this particular company does not manufacture PBXs.

As the network/IT manager, I have come to perceive that the company projects a unique focus on the market. It provides clients with sophisticated IP based multimedia enabled package ideally for contact centers (Ming & Jun-zhi, 2011). These centers can be scaled up to support more than a thousand agents and its versatility allows for operation over numerous telephony infrastructures. This is an important aspect for our company as its compatible with different PBX in distribute, multiple locations. Software modules linked to the module can be operated on one server, a separate server and even on multiple servers (Chughes, 2005). The software versions of these packages run smoothly on all major server platforms which is an added advantage for our company. As such, it presents our company with the single most scalable scattered IP contact center in comparisons with products offered by the other vendors.

Our research indicates that the Genesis 7 Suite has the potent capability to operate over 35 varying TDM switches as well as over 20 IP and hybrid PBXs projecting commendable research and development with regard to CTI interfaces (Elliot, Blood & Kraus, 2011). The T-server for instance enables the Genesys 7 Suite allows for PBX architecture and phone operations to operate consistently.

The Genesys 7 Suite has integrated standardized software connectors compatible with CRM applications such as the Microsoft CRM, SAP and Siebel. This is a significant feature for our contact center as it offers the option for users to apply its WFM application or other popular pre-integration WFM’s such as Blue Pumpkin (Chughes, 2005). The Genesys 7 Suite has other strong features such as it is internet enabled, co-browsing integration and web chat functions which are applied through a web based agent interface.


Contact centers have essentially taken a no looking back policy by evolving away from the traditional voice only package. All vendors tended to offer email support though at different degrees with respect to management, agent client as well as reporting interfaces. However, other that the Genesys 7 Suite, all other vendors are only dedicated to the manufacturer’s underlying PBX. Genesys versatility is a commendable innovation. The broad diversity of the services offered by the Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories therefore makes it the most credible product for our company.


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