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Changes since 9/11 Attack on Department of Homeland Security


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Changes since 9/11 Attack on Department of Homeland Security


The government of the United States has introduced drastic measures in order to strengthen homeland security. The changes are intended to defend the nation against emerging threats from terrorist groups. Some of the key strategies involve collaborating with community-based organizations, local and state leaders and law enforcement, and private sector (Nemeth, 2013).

In the federal government, the government has established strategies that improve homeland security.  For instance, the country’s armed forces are involved in homeland security by degrading terrorists’ capacities to attack the nation. Furthermore, the intelligence community are working together in order to generate more intelligence (Nemeth, 2013). In this respect, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Director of National intelligence are working together in order to increase efficiency and coordination in counterterrorism efforts. Department of Justice is also a member of the Federal Homeland Security as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The main role of these agencies to lead and guide in investigations related to terrorism. Since the establishment of these measures, the security agencies have arrested many suspects including Americans with terrorists-related charges (Nemeth, 2013).

The homeland security has been enhanced by working with local and state law enforcement. In this respect, the partners offer them tools to combat and identify threats from their societies (Nemeth, 2013). Local and state law enforcement has the capacity to identify initial signs of a planned attack. Therefore, homeland security is integrated into counterterrorism activity in order to understand the indicators, behaviours and tactics of terrorists’ activity and take appropriate steps (Nemeth, 2013).

Through the private sectors office in Homeland Department, the government and private agencies have established partnership. Consequently, the homeland security is able to establish rapid and effective communication with crucial organizations that facilitate information sharing efforts. Private sectors are also engaged in development of initiatives and policies (Nemeth, 2013).


The homeland security has development many strategies since 9/11 attack. These measures are intended to increase identification and efficiency of dealing with terrorist activities in the country. The government has sought partnership from local, private and state agencies


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