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Problem and the Information Needed from the Research

Problem and the Information Needed from the Research

Question 1: Marketing Problem and the Information Needed from the

            The reduction in number of students applying for admissions to the
Central University has prompted the management of the university to seek
interventions through a research. The performances of the Central University in
the past years have been good. It is an indication that the university was headed
in the right direction in providing postgraduate studies for international
students. However, the uncertainties surrounding the reduction in number of
applications for admissions to the university must raise questions concerning
the university’s future. An independent research can provide vital information because
the institution does not have comprehensive information on the international
market trends of education (Bohman, 2014).  

a research by an independent company, the university management can identify
the mysteries that have caused a reduction in number of applicants this year.
The independent research is recommendable since it does not include conflicting
interests from the stakeholders. Moreover, the university management has the
benefit of continuing with its core business operations instead of diverging
into the research. The research is expected to expose the reasons behind the
reduction in number of applicants. Most importantly, the company conducting the
research has offices in the three targeted countries (USA, China, and Nigeria).
Therefore, the company can gather information from three continents without
incurring large costs and at the same time obtaining comprehensive information.
The information obtained from this research will aid the management of the
Central University to implement interventions (Puan et al, 2013).

Research to Inform the Development of the Questionnaire

students improve cultural diversity in a university. The enrolment of the
international students to the Central University depicts a global image of the
institution. Smith (2008) indicates that international
students improve university studies since local students are challenged by the
international students to embrace cultural and racial diversity that is
important in higher education institutions. On the other hand, it boosts the
financial strength of the university due to the funds obtained through fees.
However, attracting and retaining these students poses difficulties to many
universities. For this reason, the university must use effective marketing
strategies to achieve this. For instance, the Central University has created a
department to promote its courses overseas. The department has not proved
effective as portrayed by the decline in number of international applicants
this year. Therefore, the university must use other marketing strategies which
are the aim of this research (Smith, 2008).

One of strategies
used by many universities to promote their courses internationally is the use
of alumni programs. The alumni programs are extended to the target markets
where the successful alumni of the universities act as ambassadors for the universities
in their respective countries. The alumni market their former institutions such
as the Central University in their countries by attributing their success to
the university. Additionally, they assist the universities in promoting their
courses in their home countries; something that has proved effective to some
extent. With the growing network of social media sites, the alumni can form
groups that depict their appreciation and support for the institutions. The
alumni groups can be of great assistance to the institutions in the recruitment
of international students from their home countries. Furthermore, the alumni
groups can help students from their hom

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