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Prevention Program Essay Instructions

Prevention Program Essay Instructions

Prevention Program Essay Instructions

            •           Develop your own prevention program for substance abuseInclude in the design your:

            •           Target audience

            •           How your program will reach your target audience (e.g. where it will be held)

            •           What information will be presented/discussed in your program

            •           The format in which that information will be presented

            •           Specific strategies you might use to reduce the likelihood that an individual might engage in substance abuse in the future

Please be sure to defend or justify each of these elements. For example, explain why you believe your prevention program will be the most effective if it is geared toward your chosen target audience.

            •           Based on your impressions of the reading and notes, what is the one key factor that will help facilitate lower levels of substance dependence in substance abuse treatment? Briefly explain why you highlighted the factor you chose, and discuss how your program helps to cultivate or strengthen that factor in your participants.

Assignment Expectations and Grading Criteria

This will be a 3 page, double spaced paper.

Please write your answers in paragraph form, in 12 point font, double spaced. Points will be taken away if answers are submitted in bullet point form or in incomplete-sentences.

Include a cover page that lists your name, the title of your paper, and your institution (Georgia Southern University).

Be sure to include a running head at the top of each page (according to APA format), and include a reference page. The cover and reference pages are not included in the three page requirement. An abstract is not necessary.

Assignments must be submitted in APA format, and all sources used (including lecture slides or the textbook) must be cited and referenced.

This assignment is worth 75 points. 

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